Dr Shamim Ali Poems

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Chitrali Girl

In the land of Chitral there is Kalash,
Where the mountains rise and the rivers splash,
There lived a girl with eyes of green,
The most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

The Month Of December

The Month of December
In Quetta city where snow abounds,
December came with icy sounds.
A winter's chill, so sharp and clear,

Hazrat Abbas (As)

In Karbala, where the sands were stained,
With the blood of martyrs, that was shed in pain,
There stood a hero, brave and true,
Hazrat Abbas, the one so few.

Cherish The Snow's Grace

Snowflakes dance in the winter sky,
A beauty that catches the eye,
Each one unique, a work of art,
Etched in water's dreams from the heart.

Snowy Night Of Quetta

I miss the snowy night of Quetta,
When the world turned into a magical vista,
Watching from my window with delight,
As snowflakes fell from the sky all night.

Walking On The Green Grass

Walking on green grass, so soft and lush,
Beneath my feet, it bends and hush,
A gentle breeze, caresses my cheek,
The sun, a warm blanket, my skin to seek.

Alif Laila

Oh, Alif Laila, stories of old,
Your tales and legends, so manifold,
From genies and fairies, to heroes so bold,
Your stories, forever, will be told.

Tale Of Rustam And Sohrab

Tale of Rustam and Sohrab
In days of old, when tales were told,
And legends of heroes were known to behold,
There lived a warrior, strong and bold,

Saplings Of Love

Let's plant the saplings of love,
And spread joy like wings of a dove,
For hatred only brings us strife,
And steals away the beauty of life.

Ray Of Hope

Grey clouds hover overhead,
Heavy with rain and darkness spread,
I'm uncertain of when the sun will shine,
Wondering if there is any hope of mine.

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