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An Honest Heart and Mind So True
A soul that shines with authenticity,
A spirit that's genuine, through and through.
With independence and self-reliance,

Passion speaks with such a vibrant sound,
A voice that rises above all around.
Looks may fade, but the spirit will endure,
For those who know themselves, that's what's pure.

A heart of gold, with love that shines,
A soul so pure, with kindness lines,
A mind so deep, with thoughts so grand,
A spirit so strong that lends a hand.

Zinnia, beauty rare,
Goddess of grace and air,
My nymph, angel fair,
Appealing, charming, cute, and fair.

My Beloved Ava, birdlike and lively,
An angel so beautiful, Aphrodite so kind.
Lovely, smart, active, with eyes so bright,
Dazzling and mesmeric, a sight to delight.

Confident, productive, optimistic and bright
A fear tackler with a caring heart and might
Brave, mentally strong, true to herself, divine
A pious spirit with charisma that does shine

Oh, Homeland, so small a word
Yet with such power and grace
A symbol of pride and identity
That fills us with love and grace

My Tanya, fair and bright,
Your beauty shines with radiant light,
An epitome of decency, a symbol of piety,
Your grace is like a summer's breeze, so easy and free.

A mother's love is like no other
A bond that lasts through joy and cover
Her grace and strength a constant guide
Her warmth and comfort, forever by our side

In winter's chill, with snowflakes white,
We seek a warm and cosy light.
And what could be more fitting then,
Then a steaming cup of coffee blend.

Here lies Buttercup, our feline friend,
With white fur as soft as downy feathers.
Green eyes that sparkled, a true gem,
Graceful gaits, a cat of all weathers.

Beautiful Jaman trees in my backyard stand,
Their branches reaching toward the sky,
With leaves of green, they form a band,
Providing comfort as the seasons fly.

Oh! House so fair, with boughs that gently sway
Surrounded by green bamboo leaves
Its song of summer sings through night and day
Attracting passers by far and beyond belief.

My sweet Rose with fur so white,
Lime green eyes shone so bright.
You slept beneath the water tank,
And walked upon the roof's high rank.

Oh, lofty pine tree in my garden so grand,
With branches reaching for the sky so high.
Your needles rustle in the gentle wind,
An evergreen symphony, so sweet and fine.

In the memory of my sweet Rose (My feline daughter)
My sweet Rose with fur so white,
Lime green eyes that shone so bright.
You slept beneath the water tank,

Golden and yellow, orange shades aglow,
The Marigold stands proud in my garden, so bold.
In autumn's cool breeze, it blooms so bright,
A symbol of warmth to light up the night.

My Husband, My Valentine

On this day of love, I bring to you
A bouquet of my devotion so true

I shed tears that you are gone, my little rose
I close my eyes and pray that you will come back
When I open my eyes and see all that you have left
My heart is empty because I can't see you now

An angelic grace, with beauty divine,
A heart that shines, with love so fine,
A spirit so lively, with passion afire,
A soul so kind, with gentle desire.

Dr Shamim Ali Biography

Dr. Shamim Ali is a renowned academician, poet and artist.Who has made significant contributions to the field of English linguistics and literature. She has been working in the academia for more than 25 years and is currently employed at Riphah International University, where she is a faculty member in the Department of English Linguistics and Literature. Dr. Shamim Ali earned her PhD in English linguistics. Her areas of interest include Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) , Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) , Web-Enhanced Language Learning (WELL) , Network-Based Language Teaching (NBLT) , Computer Mediated, Communication, Pragmatics, Forensic Linguistics, Neuro Linguistics, and Foreign Acquisition theories.She has visited Japan multiple times and is a member of the International Advisor Board of Iafor Japan. As a respected academician, Dr. Shamim Ali has presented her ideas at numerous workshops, conferences, and training programs at the national and international level. She has also written several research articles and developed learning materials for learners of all ages and abilities, from young learners to adult learners. She is a sought-after speaker and has spoken at TEFL workshops, Iafor conferences, and several training programs. She is an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker who has a unique ability to bring complex concepts to life in a way that is both engaging and accessible. Whether discussing the latest trends or sharing stories from her own journey and offering practical advice and insights. Aside from her academic pursuits, Dr Shamim Ali is also a talented contemporary poet who has made a name for herself in the literary world. Born in Quetta, she has been writing poetry for many years and is known for her unique voice and style that blends traditional forms with contemporary themes. Her poems offer a glimpse into the human experience and explore the depths of love, loss, and social and political issues of our time. Her work is characterized by intense emotions, vivid imagery, and insightful commentary and has been praised for its ability to capture complex emotions in simple yet powerful language. Through her work, Dr Shamim Ali invites her readers to reflect on their own experiences and consider the world around them in new and meaningful ways. Whether you are a fan of poetry or simply looking for inspiration, her work is sure to captivate and enthral. Overall, Dr. Shamim Ali is a multifaceted individual who continues to make a positive impact in both her academic and creative endeavours. Dr. Shamim Ali is a talented artist who has captivated audiences with her beautiful paintings. She is known for her unique style and her ability to bring life to each canvas with her use of vivid colors and intricate details. Her artworks are a true representation of her artistic vision and her deep understanding of the medium she works with. One of the most distinctive aspects of Dr Shamim Ali's paintings is her choice of medium-oil painting. This medium allows her to create rich and lustrous surfaces with a depth and luminosity that is hard to achieve with other materials. She masterfully blends the oils to create a range of textures and effects that bring her paintings to life. Her brushstrokes are confident and bold, capturing the essence of her subject matter with ease.The canvas, her chosen surface, is an integral part of her artworks. Dr. Shamim Ali has a keen eye for composition, and she uses the canvas to create a harmonious balance between color, texture, and form. Her paintings often feature complex compositions, with multiple elements that come together to create a cohesive whole.Her paintings are very popular, . People are drawn to the beauty and vibrancy of her paintings, as well as the skill and mastery she demonstrates in each piece. Whether she is painting portraits, landscapes, or still lifes, Dr. Shamim Ali's art always has a unique quality that sets it apart from the rest.)

The Best Poem Of Dr Shamim Ali

For My Heiress (Tanya Ali)

An Honest Heart and Mind So True
A soul that shines with authenticity,
A spirit that's genuine, through and through.
With independence and self-reliance,
Intelligence and curiosity too,
A self-confident, empathetic being,
Compassionate and kind, truly unique.
Her honest heart and mind are so true,
A guiding light in all she does.
Trustworthy and sincere, she stands tall,
Her character shines through once and for all.
Inspiring others with their love and grace.
In a world of uncertainty,
She brings a sense of calm and peace.
So she is the one who embodies all,
May she continue to shine with strength and grace,
Bringing hope and joy year after year

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