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In the land of Chitral there is Kalash,
Where the mountains rise and the rivers splash,
There lived a girl with eyes of green,
The most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

The Month of December
In Quetta city where snow abounds,
December came with icy sounds.
A winter's chill, so sharp and clear,

In Karbala, where the sands were stained,
With the blood of martyrs, that was shed in pain,
There stood a hero, brave and true,
Hazrat Abbas, the one so few.

Snowflakes dance in the winter sky,
A beauty that catches the eye,
Each one unique, a work of art,
Etched in water's dreams from the heart.

I miss the snowy night of Quetta,
When the world turned into a magical vista,
Watching from my window with delight,
As snowflakes fell from the sky all night.

Walking on green grass, so soft and lush,
Beneath my feet, it bends and hush,
A gentle breeze, caresses my cheek,
The sun, a warm blanket, my skin to seek.

Oh, Alif Laila, stories of old,
Your tales and legends, so manifold,
From genies and fairies, to heroes so bold,
Your stories, forever, will be told.

Tale of Rustam and Sohrab
In days of old, when tales were told,
And legends of heroes were known to behold,
There lived a warrior, strong and bold,

Let's plant the saplings of love,
And spread joy like wings of a dove,
For hatred only brings us strife,
And steals away the beauty of life.

Grey clouds hover overhead,
Heavy with rain and darkness spread,
I'm uncertain of when the sun will shine,
Wondering if there is any hope of mine.

Under the pine tree, I sat and wept,
My heart heavy and my spirit kept,
The tears flowed like a rushing stream,
And sorrow seemed to be my only theme.

I shed tears that you are gone my little rose
I close my eyes and pray that you will come back
When I open my eyes and see all that you have left
My heart is empty because I can't see you now

Oh butterfly! Thou delicate winged sprite,
Thou art a vision of pure delight,
With hues so bright and patterns divine,
Thou art a work of art, so fine.

In my garden, on my apple tree,
A little bird has built a nest, you see,
A cozy home, woven with care,
Securely perched, high up in the air.

Zinnia my sweet little friend
You light up my day without end,
With your smile so warm and bright,
You bring joy to my darkest night.


In a world of wonder, a little girl named Ava,
At just six months old, her presence shines, ah!

She crawls with joy, exploring every nook,

In shadows deep, I find myself,
A soul weary, longing for some wealth.
Tired of my life, a heavy load,
I tread this path, a weary road.

In days of old, when life was new,
A chapter of joy, a dream come true,
A time of wonders, pure and wild,
When I cradled my children, my precious child.

Zinnia and Ava, my dear sweet souls,
Bound for distant lands, where adventure unfolds,
With a heavy heart, I bid you adieu,
Holding back tears as you begin anew.

In the realm of life's mysterious range,
I pondered how it can swiftly change,
God, the holder of decisions divine,
In His hands, the fate of all does align.

Dr Shamim Ali Biography

Dr. Shamim Ali is a renowned academician, poet and artist.Who has made significant contributions to the field of English linguistics and literature. She has been working in the academia for more than 25 years and is currently employed at Riphah International University, where she is a faculty member in the Department of English Linguistics and Literature. Dr. Shamim Ali earned her PhD in English linguistics. Her areas of interest include Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) , Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) , Web-Enhanced Language Learning (WELL) , Network-Based Language Teaching (NBLT) , Computer Mediated, Communication, Pragmatics, Forensic Linguistics, Neuro Linguistics, and Foreign Acquisition theories.She has visited Japan multiple times and is a member of the International Advisor Board of Iafor Japan. As a respected academician, Dr. Shamim Ali has presented her ideas at numerous workshops, conferences, and training programs at the national and international level. She has also written several research articles and developed learning materials for learners of all ages and abilities, from young learners to adult learners. She is a sought-after speaker and has spoken at TEFL workshops, Iafor conferences, and several training programs. She is an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker who has a unique ability to bring complex concepts to life in a way that is both engaging and accessible. Whether discussing the latest trends or sharing stories from her own journey and offering practical advice and insights. Aside from her academic pursuits, Dr Shamim Ali is also a talented contemporary poet who has made a name for herself in the literary world. Born in Quetta, she has been writing poetry for many years and is known for her unique voice and style that blends traditional forms with contemporary themes. Her poems offer a glimpse into the human experience and explore the depths of love, loss, and social and political issues of our time. Her work is characterized by intense emotions, vivid imagery, and insightful commentary and has been praised for its ability to capture complex emotions in simple yet powerful language. Through her work, Dr Shamim Ali invites her readers to reflect on their own experiences and consider the world around them in new and meaningful ways. Whether you are a fan of poetry or simply looking for inspiration, her work is sure to captivate and enthral. Overall, Dr. Shamim Ali is a multifaceted individual who continues to make a positive impact in both her academic and creative endeavours. Dr. Shamim Ali is a talented artist who has captivated audiences with her beautiful paintings. She is known for her unique style and her ability to bring life to each canvas with her use of vivid colors and intricate details. Her artworks are a true representation of her artistic vision and her deep understanding of the medium she works with. One of the most distinctive aspects of Dr Shamim Ali's paintings is her choice of medium-oil painting. This medium allows her to create rich and lustrous surfaces with a depth and luminosity that is hard to achieve with other materials. She masterfully blends the oils to create a range of textures and effects that bring her paintings to life. Her brushstrokes are confident and bold, capturing the essence of her subject matter with ease.The canvas, her chosen surface, is an integral part of her artworks. Dr. Shamim Ali has a keen eye for composition, and she uses the canvas to create a harmonious balance between color, texture, and form. Her paintings often feature complex compositions, with multiple elements that come together to create a cohesive whole.Her paintings are very popular, . People are drawn to the beauty and vibrancy of her paintings, as well as the skill and mastery she demonstrates in each piece. Whether she is painting portraits, landscapes, or still lifes, Dr. Shamim Ali's art always has a unique quality that sets it apart from the rest.)

The Best Poem Of Dr Shamim Ali

Chitrali Girl

In the land of Chitral there is Kalash,
Where the mountains rise and the rivers splash,
There lived a girl with eyes of green,
The most beautiful sight I have ever seen.

Her hair like silk, flowing in the breeze,
Her skin like honey, warm and sweet,
Her smile so pure, her laughter so free,
A vision of beauty, a sight to see.

She danced to the beat of a different drum,
Her spirit untamed, her heart so young,
She roamed the hills, she swam the streams,
A child of nature, a girl of dreams.

Her eyes shone bright, like stars in the night,
Reflecting the beauty of the land in sight,
The mountains so high, the valleys so deep,
A paradise on earth, where she could freely sleep.

Oh Chitrali Kalash girl with green eyes,
You stole my heart with your gentle guise,
May your spirit always be wild and free,
A symbol of nature's beauty for all to see.

Dr Shamim Ali Comments

Dr Shamim Ali Quotes

'In the vast tapestry of life, God holds the threads of destiny; we can only pray and trust in His wisdom.'...... Dr Shamim Ali

The power of decisions lies solely with God; our prayers are the humble keys to unlocking His divine plans..... Dr Shamim Ali

As we navigate life's twists and turns, we surrender control to God, for He alone holds the reins of our fate., , , , , Dr Shamim Ali

'In the realm of uncertainty, our solace lies in prayer, for God is the ultimate arbiter of all outcomes.... Dr Shamim Ali

'In the realm of uncertainty, our solace lies in prayer, for God is the ultimate arbiter of all outcomes....

In the hands of God, the puzzle of life is complete; we find serenity when we entrust our hopes and fears to Him through prayer.' Dr Shamim Ali

'A successful marriage is built on the foundation of love, trust, and understanding. Dr Shamim Ali

In the journey of married life, two hearts become one, and two souls find harmony. Dr Shamim Ali

'Marriage is not about finding the perfect partner, but about being the perfect partner Dr Shamim Ali

True happiness in marriage comes from supporting and cherishing each other's dreams. Dr Shamim Ali

The beauty of married life lies in weathering life's storms together and emerging stronger as a team. Dr Shamim Ali

'Zinnias bloom like a symphony of colors, painting the world with their vibrant petals. Dr Shamim Ali

'In the language of flowers, Zinnias symbolize lasting affection and remembrance. Dr Shamim Ali

Zinnias are a testament to resilience, thriving and blossoming even in the harshest conditions.' Dr Shamim Ali

As the sun smiles upon the earth, so do Zinnias, spreading joy wherever they grow Dr Shamim Ali

'Each Zinnia petal whispers tales of summer days and the beauty of nature's embrace. Dr Shamim Ali

'Independence is not merely a date on the calendar; it's a celebration of the indomitable spirit that unites Pakistanis, shaping a nation where dreams take flight and hope never fades.' - Dr Shamim Ali

Motherhood: A journey of love, where sleepless nights become lullabies to a heart that knows no bounds. Dr Shamim Ali

'Fatherhood: A lifetime commitment, where a father's unwavering support carries his family's dreams, etching a legacy that lasts beyond his years.' Dr Shamim Ali

'Fatherhood: A lifetime commitment, where a father's unwavering support carries his family's dreams, etching a legacy that lasts beyond his years.'

Hypocrisy roams in shadows, as wolves don masks of virtue to veil their shallowness beneath.' Dr Shamim Ali

.Hypocrisy roams in shadows, as wolves don masks of virtue to veil their shallowness beneath.' Dr Shamim Ali

True daughters are not just family; they are steadfast friends who never leave you alone, weaving a tapestry of love and companionship that lasts a lifetime.

Corrupt politics breeds corrupt people, as the poisoned roots of dishonest governance give rise to a forest of compromised values and compromised souls. By Dr Shamim Ali

'Daughters are the unwavering friends in times of need, their hearts echoing with a bond that transcends blood, standing beside you through every storm, a testament to the enduring strength of a daughter's love.' By Dr Shamim Ali

'Break the glass ceiling, not your aspirations. In the workplace, let competence and determination shatter limitations, paving the way for equality to rise above the shards of outdated barriers.' By Dr Shamim Ali

'Gaslighting at the workplace is a toxic fog that distorts reality. Let truth be the beacon that dispels the darkness, empowering voices to shine brighter and dispel the shadows of manipulation.' By Dr Shamim Ali

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