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Peace, Be Not Proud (A Reverse Davidian)

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That world's entire wealth can't purchase you.

This midnight bids farewell to parting year
Who then, on chariot Time, his seat vacates.
The New Year succeeds him as Charioteer:
To drive us on, he's waiting at our gates.

To Peace (Shakespearan Sonnet)

O Peace! For ages haven't we invoked
Your grace by chanting your name ceaselessly?

Happiness perhaps once had features
Of a single, compact whole,
But countless are the craving creatures
Praying God some bliss to dole.

Never Say Die (A Rondeau in Pentametre)

Never say die though hardships hound your head:
They come not singly, has it not been said?

The Butterfly and the Lark (Shakespearan Sonnet)

Much like a painted picture taken flight,
With wings wearing yellows, pinks and blues,


Once our tom-cat brought to our house,
As honoured guest, his feline spouse.

To the New Year

If Life be a Sea and your are a Wave,
O kind New Year, will you not save

Canine Feline Friendship - Part II
(This poem was composed in 1995. My dearest Julie is now no more)

Meanwhile came our jet-black Julie -

Facing Death

'O hoary Age, of fear you bear no trace,
Though dreadful Death you soon will have to face:

Marvellous Man (A Rondeau in Pentametre)

O Marv'llous man, what else can equal you
In brawn of brain? The wondrous things you do

O Scientist (A Rondeau in Tetrametre)

O Scientist, no more arms invent;
To heal, not harm, your skill is meant.

Lo! comes Dawn, the Sky's morning maid,
To rouse the Sun - still in slumber laid
On a couch with satiny sheets of red-amathyst,
And draped with mosquito-nets of gossamer mist!

When Greed Outstrips Needs (A Rondel of 13 lines)

When outstripped are our needs by Greed
Or love of Fame our still outweighs,

I Need Thy Light (A Villanelle inTetrametre)

To distinguish between black and white
Things of the world that go in disguise,

Life, they say, if full of wonder;
Mine is full of storm and thunder.

Life, they say, is a tuneful song;

Who are Mr. Sleep and Mr. Dream? (An Experimental Sonnet)

Pray, who are Mr. Dream and Mr. Sleep
Who different look between a peep and peep?

Fierce You Are But Also Fair (About Death)

For ever

To the New Millennium (Shakespearan Sonnet)

O Time's titanic offspring come to earth,
A marvel is your own stupendous womb

Fate and Fortune (A Triolet)

Two men called out, knocking our gate:
'We sell sundry clothes and costumes:

Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu Biography

Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu (or Dr. H. Tulsi as she is known) , is the Editor-Publisher of the poetry journal 'Metverse Muse' and also the Founder-Leader of the 'World Renaissance for Classical Poetry'. She has to her credit seven published poetry collections and her poems have been published in scores of international journals at home and abroad. Umpteen Awars have come her way, both for her own poetry and her journal 'Metverse Muse' Some of Dr. Tulsi's poems have been translated into a dozen other languages, including five Indian ones. Her bio-data appears in many an international biographical work. Her journal 'Metverse Muse' has been widely recognised as the World's PREMIER Poetry Journal in English. The latest (Silver Jubilee) Issue presents over 750 poems in Structured Verse by over 550 World Poets representing over 60 countries - apart from two Workshops Articles, TWENTY Book Reviews and many other features. It also carries the photographs of around 200 contributors and other associates of Metverse Muse. The photographs of the poets appear against their poems. THOUSANDS of Readers' Comments of high appreciation have been received as 'feed-back' over the years. Just a few of them have been reproduced below. (They will be updated every now and then. READERS' COMMENTS ON THE 25th (SILVER JUBILEE) ISSUE: Mr. Norman Bisset, UK: I write to thank you very much indeed for the silver Jubilee Issue (March 2009) of Metverse Muse, which I have been reading with utmost interest and pleasure. Your task in selecting and editing 750 poems from 550 contributors from around the world, then arranging their layout and alignment on your personal computer was truly mammoth, and must have occupied you fully over a great many days and weeks. we are all in your debt. Your reward is the gratitude of your subscribers and the satisfaction in knowing that in Metverse Muse you have created a genuine vehicle for WORLD POETRY, for international friendship and cultural collaboration AROUND THE GLOBE. In this troubled world of ours, these are significant achievements on which you are to be warmly congratulated. Thank you very, very much. DR. R.R. MENON, INDIA: ... It is a stupendous job at any age, but a MIRACLE at yours! Kudos to you! MR. BERNARD M. JACKSON, ENGLAND: To say that I am deeply impressed would indeed be the very mother of understatements for, to reduce my sentiments to the simplest of terms, the poetry world HAS YET TO SEE another poetry magazine of such fine content, expanse and quality. Yet again you have amazed and delighted your entire poetry family with a seasonal tome of such immensity, in every higher literary regard … I shall, of course, be submitting my customary review in the very near future, and hardly need to enjoin that my forthcoming appraisal will indeed be a glowing testimony to the magazine as a whole – and to your own prodigious endeavours in particular! MS. RUTH W. SCHULER, USA: I am enjoying reading the latest issue of METVERSE MUSE. I love your photo on the cover. Also your poems to Dr. Krishna Srinivas and Dr. Rosemary Wilkinson are very beautiful…. Your “Canine Feline Friendship” tale was delightful. And I appreciated your tributes to Sidney Morleigh, Prof. K.M. Kale, A, H. Delvi and Julie on page 95. I know I have so many more hours of delightful reading in front of me for your magazine is also a treasure trove of fascination. DR. I.H. RIZVI (EDITOR: CANOPY) , INDIA: … Everything from matter to printing and setting of matter is at its best! I marvel at the tremendous efforts you make in bringing out such a voluminous issue (Silver Jubilee) of your journal, with more than 550 poets with the number of their poems crossing 750! Indeed, Metverse Muse is not only the BEST journal of India but it can compete with ANY INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL brought out from other countries of the WORLD. NONE of them is so voluminous, also, as Metverse Muse, among the journals I receive…. The setting of the matter has its own tale to tell. I think all the poets from India and from other countries will be feeling elated for being a part of Metverse Muse. READERS' RESPONSES TO 23rd+24th DOUBLE ISSUE; MR. BERNARD M. JACKSON, UK, (A member of the Parnassian Jury of MM) : I must, yet again, compliment you on your SUPERLATIVE achievement re: your FINE presentation of the current issue of Metverse Muse (Sept.2007 and March 2008) . Your exquisite Kyrielle on the front cover truly sets the tone for much of the literary excellence that features in this HIGH PROFILE publication of TOME-LIKE proportion. Not only have you included the writings of many of these poets at your very own expense, but you have also continued to honour those highly respected (and even those little-known_ MM members who have now passed away from this life – proof indeed, that Meverse Muse is essentially a ‘family’-based institution. It is such a pleasure to be re-united with so many writers, internationally, in this very special way, and to know that over our many years of association they have remained loyal to the magnificent cause that you so readily and constantly espouse … MR. PETER GEOFFREY PAUL THOMPSON, (Editor: Rubies in the Darkness) , UK: … It is a marvelous issue full of good poetry and I salute your endeavours, as always. PROF. I.V. CHALAPATI RAO, (Editor: Triveni) , India: I have leafed through Metverse Muse. It is easier to count the leaves of a tree or the stars in the sky than the verses in the book! MR. LES MERTON, (Editor: Poetry Cornwall) , UK: There are many stars in the galaxy. However, Metverse Muse is the brightest star in the galaxy of poetry publications. Congratulations! MR. P.K. MAJUMDER, (Editor: Bridge-in-Making) , India: It is gratifying to note that despite your personal loss, grief and set-backs you are holding high the literary flag – your excellent journal Metverse Muse - which never compromised with quality and standard of literary works. Congratulations! MS. RUBI ANDREDAKIS, (Editor: Creature Features) , Cyprus: I have read Metverse Muse and, as always, it is superb! Your work is amazing! … You have done an excellent job, dear friend, in collecting all this stuff and bringing together all those people in this big family of world writers. Congratulations! You are great! DR. MAHASHWETA CHATURVEDI, (Editor: Mandakini) , India: Indeed Metverse Muse is one of the BEST POETRY MAGAZINES IN THE world! Accept my genuine admiration for all this … MS. SANDRA SMALL, (Editor: PCOF Journal) , UK: Thank you once again for another BRILLIANT Anthology which I am enjoying very much … DR. LEO REBELLO, INDIA: … 620 poems from 450 world poets, several articles, reviews, reports on poetry workshop and contests, news snippets … the 260 pages compendium makes you one of the best chroniclers of our times. What an eye for detail! … You are doing excellent work in the field of literature, creative writing, uniting world poets and spreading spirituality through soul-stirring poetry … MR. ROBIN HELWEG-LARSEN, USA: … You are an absolute wonder! I hope to visit India and – vast though India is, and crowded with places to see - if I have an opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Visakhapatnam, I will do so out of RESPECT and curiosity! DR. C. JACOB, INDIA: … I personally saw your failing health. I wonder how your dedication to the cause, - i.e., to salvage metrical poetry - and your spirit of sacrifice have been acting as a driving force in your case. I heartily congratulate you in this regard. MR. NORMAN BISSET, UK: … It is a remarkable compilation of verse from around the world, and your contributors have reason to be hugely grateful to you for undertaking the vast labour of editing and organizing the graphic layout of such an enormous body of work, and of implementing it further with comprehensive sections devoted to reviews, comments, projects, correspondence, workshop articles, bio-data and the like. You have founded a genuinely world-wide movement built on your contributors’ love for, and the universal appeal of, structured poetry. And while the work you have undertaken is daunting, it is fully justified by the results you have achieved. To feature in this undertaking, in no matter how small a way, is both a privilege and an honour, for which we thank you. DR. DEBIDAS RAY, INDIA: … Anyway, it is a joy to go through the contents, which are well composed in structured verse and meticulously compiled … Your poem “I Pray to Thee” on the front cover says it all – metrical verse NEEDS you. MR. FRANK JOUSSEN, GERMANY: … I have some experience in the field and can assure you that Metverse Muse is the most professionally and most beautifully made literary publication, which I know … MS. PAMELA TRUDIE HODGE, UK: … Such a large edition and so much work for you. I am sure you know how very much we all appreciate your unceasing effort to promote structured verse … DR. KURT F. SVATEK, AUSTRIA: … What a thick book and what fantastic results! I would like to congratulate you for assembling so many excellent poets WORLDWIDE with such a various world of thought and wealth of ideas … MS. GWEN DESMIER, INDIA: … As usual, I couldn’t seem to put it down! I will eventually read it from cover to cover … MS. CATHERINE CLARKE, NEW ZEALAND / INDONESIA: … I still remember how thrilled I was when you first wrote to offer me my life membership of Metverse Muse years ago, as up until then I had not known there was such a wonderful publication which brought together poets from all over the world in such a unique and special way. So I just love to receive my issues of MM and read all these marvelous works … MR. S. KRISHNAMURTHY, INDIA: … The magnitude of this creation speaks of the Herculean effort that had gone in to publish this collection of poems and left me wondering whether anyone ELSE is capable of such an achievement other than YOU. From the beginning, every issue of MM progressively exhibited an ever-growing keenness for quality and maintained an immaculate presentation. Your poem “I Pray to Thee” is delicately gentle and compassionate in conveying the message to “straying bards”. The contents of the double issue is a royal feast. It is amazing to see how the MM fraternity is rapidly growing under your able guidance. MS. RUTH W. SCHULER, USA: (A Member of the Parnassian Jury of MM) … It is a treasure-chest as usual! DR. NITHIE VICTOR, INDIA: … That your valiant efforts to champion the cause of metrical verse is steadily bearing fruit is seen from the increase in the number of pages of this issue as well as the number of poets contributing to it as compared to the earlier issue. I regard each issue as a milestone in the progress towards widening the reach of the classical form and weaning the masqueraders who present ‘Prose’ and ‘Poetry’ from ploughing ‘deserts full of sand’ in the vain hope of converting them into ‘fertile fields’… MS. DIANE SIMKIN, UK: … It sits on my desk for me to dip into when I have a few spare minutes and is a very enjoyable and much-appreciated companion to my tea ad coffee breaks. Many thanks for a wonderful magazine! MS. MALA JANARDHAN, INDIA: … I have noted the fact that the biannual journal is going to be made an annual one. – that will be easier for you to bring out, now that you have entered the septuagenarian years! But I have no doubt the QUALITY of Metverse Muse will remain as excellent as ever due to your UNMATCHED dedication – despite the longer wait for us readers from now on. MS. CHRISTINE DESPARDES, USA: … Though I did not have ime to read the journal on its arrival, I will do so soon, eagerly; (the layout looks TANTALISING!) . MR. K.B. RAI, INDIA: .. You are a very hard-working Editor – of the Internationally RENOWNED and widely circulated journal Metverse Muse. A reading of the issue shows how minutely you care for every detail! MS. JOY RAINEY KING, USA: … You have done a splendid job again! MS. LINDA KACENJE, ZAMBIA: … I shall enjoy reading it and eventually it will be passed on to a village school where they do not have access to these sort of books. So it will be well used ad appreciated. MR. PAUL TRISTRAM, UK: … I am already half way through it and am thoroughly enjoying it; it is fantastic! MS. ANNE MARIE-LEGAN, USA: … Kudos for putting another magnificent issue together! MS. CLAIRE KNIGHT, UK: … I feel honoured to be part of your publication (what a lot of work you put into it!) and part of your GLOBAL poetry family. MS. HELEN FORELLE, USA: … I know from my own limited publishing experience that putting out a publication of this kind with all of the information it has in it, is a major effort, and I appreciate having it in my collection. MR. JACK BAUM, CANADA: … Again, I am grateful that you have created a literary base for traditional poetry. Your creativity is to be applauded. MS. ANNE KEITH, THE NETHERLANDS: … I am much impressed with it and I think your publication is sure to exercise a beneficial effect on the direction of English poetry. MS. PAMELA HARVEY, UK: … I do admire and applaud your efforts to continue to show the real nature of Poetry, as different from the prose-like modernistic type which, however well-crafted, lacks the lyricism and flow of the older, wiser medium … MR. G.E. BAKER, NEW ZEALAND: … Thank you to everyone associated with Metverse Muse. We are fortunate to have a magazine like this! MR. NEIL K. HENDERSON, UK: … Reading Metverse Muse 23/24 was quite an eye-opener. Most of the UK names were known to me, while those of the wider international community gave a fresh perspective … MR. JIM SPAIN, AUSTRALIA: Well, what a MARVELLOUS package of reading arrived recently – namely Metverse Muse Sept.2007 & March 2008 along with “Symphony Weds Symmetry”! MR. TERRY DAYLEY, UK: … I have started to read it and once again I am totally in awe of the number and class of the poems there … A monumental task carried out so well! PROF. DON TUTHILL, USA: … I would like to express my gratitude to you for kindly including some of my poems in your publication. It is an honour indeed! MS. PAM RUSSEL, UK: … I admire you for the amount of work put into editing and producing it! MS. NAJWA M. BRAX, USA: It’s a joy to receive your magazine! DR. JOHN LIGHT, UK: Thank you for sending me issue 23+24. Its vigour belies the journal’s long life. DR. PREMA NANDAKUMAR, INDIA: … As always, sumptuous, carefully planned, keeping to the chosen ideal. All this means a lot of work for you, most of it tiresome and mundane but your zeal is astonishing. The result is very good and I find great variety too … You have brought out a solid volume with so much traditional poetry … Even children’s poems, and your own strikingly crystallized poem on the butterfly and the lark. My hearty congratulations! MS. ROSE STANTON, AUSTRALIA: … Thank you for all the effort ad expertise you put into Metverse Muse. These are truly appreciated by me – and, I am sure, by many other writers of poetry … MR. DAVID AUSTIN, UK: … A substantial volume containing a lot of talented writing which I will savour and enjoy in the coming months … PROF. NEER SHABNAM, INDIA: … The book is one of the finest anthologies of poems and it is BEST in the sense of fixed form poetry, which is not seen in these days elsewhere. The book has become my teacher and guide!)

The Best Poem Of Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu

Peace, Be Not Proud

Peace, Be Not Proud (A Reverse Davidian)

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That world's entire wealth can't purchase you.
Perhaps you'll not be bought for silver, gold,
Saphires, rubies, pearls and diamonds too.
But dare you say, for LOVE you won't be sold?

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That high you dwell, atop a towering tor!
Like Bruce's spider, ceaselessly we will
Try to heave ourselves right up to your door
By scaling, inch by inch, your craggy hill!

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That none can see or hear you; so no clue
We have to track you down. But we can feel
Your presence versus present absence too:
Suffices this, your hide-out to reveal!

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That you, At'lanta-like, can keep mocking
Your chasers all for whom you're much too fast!
Like shrewd Hippom'nese, your pathway blocking
With 'golden apples', win we shall, at last!

Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu Comments

Neeraj Rao 13 January 2009

Your poems compel me to come back to them again and again!

3 1 Reply
Katy Sessor 13 January 2009

All your poems deserve being posted to my many friends!

2 1 Reply
Prateen Inavolu 27 December 2008

As accepted by hundreds of established poets around the world Dr. Tulsi is a leading Traditional poet. She is being hailed as the foremost poet of Indiia these present times

2 0 Reply
Desmond Dean 12 January 2009

Budding poets have much to gain by following your footsteps

1 1 Reply
Megha Mishra 12 January 2009

I fully agree with the opinion of Mr. Dean.

1 1 Reply
Rajnish Manga 20 March 2019

While sifting through poems about 'Happiness', I came across one of your poems on the subject. I would like to read your poems and would also like to translate some of them into Hindi. I observe that there is no post after 2010 on PH. I hope you are hale & hearty. Thanks a lot, Dear Madam. Wishing you good health and happiness,

1 0 Reply
Rupa U 15 January 2009

I have read your three 'Peace' poems. They are all marvellous, aimed at restoring an iota of PEACE, at least, in this troubled world!

2 2 Reply
Priya Mathur 13 January 2009

I feel myself a better person after reading your poems.

2 1 Reply
Ivan Churchill 13 January 2009

Your poems have the power to mend mankind.

3 2 Reply
Jan Shepherd 13 January 2009

Your talent for Poetry is a GOD-GIVEN GIFT!

3 2 Reply

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Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu Popularity

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