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Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu (or Dr. H. Tulsi as she is known) , is the Editor-Publisher of the poetry journal 'Metverse Muse' and also the Founder-Leader of the 'World Renaissance for Classical Poetry'.

She has to her credit seven published poetry collections and her poems have been published in scores of international journals at home and abroad.

Umpteen Awars have come her way, both for her own poetry and her journal 'Metverse Muse'

Some of Dr. Tulsi's poems have been translated into a dozen other languages, including five Indian ones.

Her bio-data appears in many an international biographical work.

Her journal 'Metverse Muse' has been widely recognised as the World's PREMIER Poetry Journal in English. The latest (Silver Jubilee) Issue presents over 750 poems in Structur ...

Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu Comments

Neeraj Rao 13 January 2009

Your poems compel me to come back to them again and again!

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Katy Sessor 13 January 2009

All your poems deserve being posted to my many friends!

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Prateen Inavolu 27 December 2008

As accepted by hundreds of established poets around the world Dr. Tulsi is a leading Traditional poet. She is being hailed as the foremost poet of Indiia these present times

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Desmond Dean 12 January 2009

Budding poets have much to gain by following your footsteps

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Megha Mishra 12 January 2009

I fully agree with the opinion of Mr. Dean.

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Rajnish Manga 20 March 2019

While sifting through poems about 'Happiness', I came across one of your poems on the subject. I would like to read your poems and would also like to translate some of them into Hindi. I observe that there is no post after 2010 on PH. I hope you are hale & hearty. Thanks a lot, Dear Madam. Wishing you good health and happiness,

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Rupa U 15 January 2009

I have read your three 'Peace' poems. They are all marvellous, aimed at restoring an iota of PEACE, at least, in this troubled world!

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Priya Mathur 13 January 2009

I feel myself a better person after reading your poems.

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Ivan Churchill 13 January 2009

Your poems have the power to mend mankind.

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Jan Shepherd 13 January 2009

Your talent for Poetry is a GOD-GIVEN GIFT!

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The Best Poem Of Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu

Peace, Be Not Proud

Peace, Be Not Proud (A Reverse Davidian)

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That world's entire wealth can't purchase you.
Perhaps you'll not be bought for silver, gold,
Saphires, rubies, pearls and diamonds too.
But dare you say, for LOVE you won't be sold?

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That high you dwell, atop a towering tor!
Like Bruce's spider, ceaselessly we will
Try to heave ourselves right up to your door
By scaling, inch by inch, your craggy hill!

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That none can see or hear you; so no clue
We have to track you down. But we can feel
Your presence versus present absence too:
Suffices this, your hide-out to reveal!

Evasive Peace, be not proud
That you, At'lanta-like, can keep mocking
Your chasers all for whom you're much too fast!
Like shrewd Hippom'nese, your pathway blocking
With 'golden apples', win we shall, at last!

Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu Popularity

Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu Popularity

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