Hall Of Universal Peace Poem by Dr. Tulsi Hanumanthu

Hall Of Universal Peace

Rating: 4.8

This midnight bids farewell to parting year
Who then, on chariot Time, his seat vacates.
The New Year succeeds him as Charioteer:
To drive us on, he's waiting at our gates.

But OURS the choice of paths and destinations:
The Charioteer obeys but our instructions.
We must, to reach the most coveted station
Of PEACE, choose well-lit roads sans obstructions.

Such routes are those of Friendship, Love, Compassion,
Justice, Pardon, Truth and Selflessness.
The dingy lanes of Greed, Envy, Passion,
And Conflict lead to woe and sleeplessness.

Let's ask the New Year, within time minimal
To drive us to a common rendezvous.
Let's there construct the Hall of Universal
Peace, each person laying a brick or two.

Let it have Equality-spelling shape -
The rotund one that God has given the world.
Its doors with COLOURLESS curtains let us drape
And let a HUELESS flag be unfurled.

Every year, let's add a storey more;
Let its height increase step by step
Till, at last, the threshold of its door
Is face to face with our Heaven's doorstep.

This Heaven-on-Earth - man's own creation -
Who helps to build of his own volition,
Won't he find, after life's duration,
Into Heaven above sure admission?

Hall Of Universal Peace
Jan Shepherd 13 January 2009

A most inspiring poem which everyone should read in order to help construct your 'Hall of Universal Peace'!

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Ivan Churchill 13 January 2009

May your dream of Peace materialise in the not too distant a future!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 31 October 2009

‘…We must, to reach the most coveted station // Of PEACE, choose well-lit roads sans obstructions….’ Let it be Life’s pledge not NY’s one only. Ten++ Ms. Nivedita UK Please read / comment on my poems: Checkmate [In Elite 500] Why Hack My She [In Elite 500] or other poems niv

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Tony Karas 31 December 2012

Totally excellent. A potent dream. May it one day see fruition.

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Savita Tyagi 31 December 2012

Most beautiful poetic expressions to inspire all to work towards peace. Let us all pray for it in this coming year. Thank you for sharing.

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Rajnish Manga 23 March 2019

This is my second visit to this page. The poem reflects the musings at the threshold of a New Year devoted to universal peace, friendship and brotherhood emanating from a divine call. Thanks for sharing.

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Randhir Kaur 24 January 2016

Nicely penned..I enjoyed reading it....

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Rajnish Manga 31 December 2014

The poem is a farewell song for the year gone by and a welcome song for a Brand New Year before us. Great poetry.

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This is a great poem..may you have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR filled with many blessings..thank you for your beautiful poem..

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Gangadharan Nair Pulingat 31 December 2014

A great message in the poem that is peace to the world that too in the coming new year we have to achieve by our efforts. Great writing.

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