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Sprinkle some stardust into my life,
Let it fall gently and glisten.
Light up the sky with the sweetest of words,
Make me take notice and listen.

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Tom Balch 27 November 2008

' Dream Catcher ' is a lovely person, who just happens to be a great poet.

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someone 13 January 2019

i love it i wish i can make such a good poem but it just doesn't rhyme

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Wonderful poet with great insight to the human conditions and situations using her unique sense of hummer and recollection. DC has a way of disappearing and reappearing like a legendary Native American spirit always returning with words of wisdom and a kind demeanor. tokoho

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Ian Bowen 30 January 2009

One of the finest comedy writers...always worth a read.

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Eddie Larkin 30 January 2009

DC is an imaginative and inventive writer who mostly casts a funny eye at everyday life; you can tell from her writing how warm hearted she is. I dare anybody to read her and NOT LAUGH! !

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Randy Hogan 12 January 2009

On a land divided by its birth.So beautiful she is. she is a teardropp from paradise that flows through life in her pen...that waters the seeds of our dreams...! great poet and one that i can call friend...beatiful human being...you go girl

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