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A Poem About Nothing

I want to write a poem about 'nothing'
(not an easy thing to do) .
I want to describe the emptiness
that I've found since I lost you.

***on Becoming Blind***

Life is now as confusing
as an Irish mermaid.
The dye from these thick, black socks
colours my toes in violet.

***the Dream Watchers***

Hold tight now as we glide above the night-gray slates of village rooftops.
Look into the chambers, where in creased pyjama beds,
the sleeping, wrinkle the sheets in unconscious feats of love and derring do.

***dying Of Time***

Now in my grey-haired heart,
Flows the blood of seasons past.

Those pastoral beats, that once surged

***alternative Rhapsody For A Queen

Is this a poets life-
Is this just fantasy-
Caught in a forum
No escape from profanity

Ian Bowen Comments

Catrina Heart 12 May 2009

A poet having a fantastic imagination.....clever and creative, a wordsmith of time! ! !

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~ Jon London ~ 28 April 2009

Ian's works have tender, sometimes mind stiring, rib tickling, heart pulling lines packed with flowing imagery that every reader of the finest poetry will enjoy. All the very best Ian Jon london

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T S 10 April 2009

I am such a fan of your Poems Ian! Humerous, well written and charming... Alway a pleasure to read, best wishes Tracy

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Sivan P.G Menon 14 July 2008

Ian... global..divide is between the haves & the have..nots.... ....we have to start believing this.. an..IAN touch.... regards.. sivan..

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Sivan P.G Menon 13 July 2008

ian.... .. logical flow of expressions.. a distinct poetic' charm traces of humanness... regards... sivan

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Stella Armour 18 May 2018

No you are not Ian... now behave yourself lol :)

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Ian Bowen 16 May 2018

I am the greatest poet ever.

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Mimi Brown 11 September 2009

It is the first thing I do in the morning. I log on Poemhunter and look for the nugget of joy, sorrow, nature, real life. Heart tugging moments, pure elation, a bird's eye view of the world. All seen though Ian's eyes. I think he is the best of us. He is an inspiration and a pretty cool muse! Thank you for all the comments and considerations, Ian. The bright spot in my day.

4 2 Reply
Stephen Stirk 10 September 2009

I'm delighted to comment on Ians work here on Poem Hunter. He is the sort of poet I always single out as having a unique and entertaining perspective. Poems full of imagination and poems unrivalled in their diversity. A true 21st century poet who writes with an imaginative flair, unrivalled honesty, and charming imagery. I much admire your work and talent Ian, and I am in absolute awe of the quantity, consistency and quality of your output. Best Regards Steve

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