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Have you seen mirages?
Suffered hallucinations?
How about apparations?
Strange appearances?

Breathing, soothing, calming
Serenity, peacefulness
Beauty, Spirituality

Thank you Mother Earth
For the breath I feel from your mouth
As it passes round the world
Through my body

Childhood, adolescence,
At grandma's house
Children in tin bath in front of fire
Water everywhere

Black families taken from home- Africa
Bought and sold like cattle
Families split tears of grief

Out of bed at six thirty
Make wife a cup of tea
Feed the cats
Cup of tea for myself

They come and go
Winter-cold and white
Spring-season of growth
Summer-hot and sunny

Living in the past
Well the past is the past

Living in the future

I came upon a mystery one day
Whilst cutting the lawn
I heard a loud clang
Whatever could it be?


What happens at death?
The curtains shut forever
Putting you in permanent blackout
It happens eventually

Silver celebrations
Nominations awards
Well earned

Who are they?
Companions, mates, call them what you want
To cuddle when happy or elated
Shoulder to cry on when sad or low

Iam a pressure cooker ready to blow
Iam a elastic band ready to snap
I am a balloon ready to pop

Am I lost or Am I missing
Which I am I do not know
Lost could be forever
Missing could be temporary

Where have ae years gone
The special ones when we were young
Eighteen, twenty one
Don't forget the zero in between, twenty

Parents away, witches and black cats come out to play
Invite friends, party arranged
Time for some fun, let the party begin
Keys for rooms in centre of hall, twelve in all

What do they contain?
Thoughts of childhood, adolescence, adulthood
Good or bad they often ly at the back of your mind
Waiting to creep upon you when least expected

Started in my teens not very nice it seems
Went of the rails, blaming everyone else for my ails
Something about a horse comes to mind
Leading it to water and making it drink

Summers gone Autumns here
Trees begin to shed their leaves
Copper browns, russet reds abound the ground
Ly on grass beneath branch and trunk

Autumn has come
Leaves falling from the trees
Various colours reds and browns
Lying on the ground

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Have you seen mirages?
Suffered hallucinations?
How about apparations?
Strange appearances?
Delusions of grandeur?
Had misconceptions?
What about mishaprehensions?
Impressions, semblances?
Are they all illusions?

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Duncan Stephen Popularity

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