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A free soul that loves COW. I'm young and proud but don't let that get in your face overlook what you see on the top and dig deeper.

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Leigh A. Hill 03 July 2006

Dustin is an amazing young man who writes from his heart. ~Starr

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Karen Schley 07 June 2006

Your comprehenion exceeds time, age or space.It comes from a soul, that confession is good for.Stay encouraged and write.The barriers need you for closing them.

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The Best Poem Of Dustin Bennefield

Blue Moon

Blossoming from the rock
A soul of a desperate lock
Becomes one with the blue moon

Hues of blue and gray
A due of death today
A blue moon rises in the west

It seemed so long ago
When the moon was so-so
And never went to the side of the blue

Now life is happening
And flowers are dying
The moon so blue is in the middle of the night sky

A love is a death
With a beginning and end
Just like the blue moon

With the beginning of a new day
The moon is hidden
And a new life is born
Unlike the moon of blue

Copyright 2006 Dustin Bennefield

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Dustin Bennefield Popularity

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