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A Confession

Rating: 4.8

A mother and child
So close together
Yet so far apart

A barrier between them
So creativly smart
Torn down by words

A talk
A confession

A simplicity of trial and error
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Anisha Notelling 01 June 2006

wow ur so good at writing! ! ! sweet....oh and in need of sum help, my profile says i'm 861! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 11 but i'm only 14 helP!

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April Fung 06 June 2006

hello. i wonder whether this is your confession? it's nice, and it seems like the words come from your heart.

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Geoff Warden 06 June 2006

dustin I am sorry I believe you told me but you have a mastery of words that do compare and surpass myself

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David Gerardino 05 June 2006

A simplicity of trial and error, tis a great line.................

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Flying Duck 05 June 2006

hey this is a great poem i really like it your a great writer! ! madeleine

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Gina PrettyBrownEyes 05 June 2006

sweet and simple and to the point. i like it

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