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When your soul is surrounded take a deep breath
don't let your feelings lower to a depth
A depth of misunderstanding, also despair
take that deep breath, show that you care

When Family loves you, you can tell
Always think of Heaven; never Hell
When Family photos are taken, they exude all
Always think of Heaven; Peter and Paul

When light does show, a distant shadow
Somewhere in the world, a soul does glow
Glows for the goodness, abound all around
Smiles from the heart, for the homeward bound

What do we do, when we are born?
how do we inspire, to actuate the norm?
Alot of help is needed, to bring a child above
often it is patience, and alot of love

Why do some people think only of themselves?
subserviant greed, they have their own shelves
Shelves they think they will fill in time
always drawing the proverbial line

To survive a catastrophe is against all odds
just turn around and please bless God
It happens to people that dont know facts
then they find out about certain acts

The day started cold on this Thanksgiving day
people helping people, foundations they lay
The foundation I speak of is the Lords' awesome glory
it's been written and told, The Biblical Story

In this world we call life never forget
the blessings your given, or you will regret
Regret that you never helped someone in need
is what you possess, a subserviant greed?

People awake, take on their day
shower, then eat, then on their way
Drive to the bus depot
newspaper, wait, coffee to go

When life shows you a gray sky,
say a prayer, know your weather will change.
All things in life come titled, you must
enable yourself to understand the place in

When a child is born, help light their way
coming out of darkness, show a sunny day
When rain clouds cluster, threatening rain
be nice to your child, showing no pain

no stranger
true friend



As I read the Bible, I am enthralled
stories captivated, all whom were called
Called to be a witness, to histories' fate
prophets and scholars, pinpoint the date

(written for Ismael Moreno., incarcerated in Dallas County Detention Center Aug.7,2008)

A place with no sunshine, there's only pain
received your letter, its begun to rain

When people talk, others listen
when the Sun shines, water glistens
When a puppy does, children see
when a kitten purrs, so do we

A ruthless heart, not the way to be
there are no sunrises, there is no glee
No laughs, no smiles; true disdain
every minute, every hour; only pain

Living in Alcoholism, not the way to be
I'm aware of that fact, it happened to me
Growing up as a child, though getting beat down
the Man that loved me, made me wear a frown

In a world that turns around everyday
a moment in time, you'll find your way
A way to survive, be good all around
off thy pedestal, stand on solid ground

Dwayne Banks Biography

Many things have happened with me over the forty three years I have been alive. I have been loved, and loved myself...at times. I have been mad, mean, bad, good, nice, friendly, lonely, obtrusive, elusive, among others...many others. I will say, being shot in the head and living to talk about it, is very, very disturbing. I say disturbing because it is painful, archaic, meaningful, thoughtful and thoughtless. The police officer that shot me has been forgiven...though he has his demons everyday. I have written over 500 poems...subjects vary.)

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(un) Screw

When your soul is surrounded take a deep breath
don't let your feelings lower to a depth
A depth of misunderstanding, also despair
take that deep breath, show that you care
Care for yourself, the good you can do
a bottle cap is not, the thing you need to screw
Screw your head on, put your pants on tight
cause the road ahead, will cause you to fight
Fight for your being, the way you know best
forget the stupidity, the unlawful caress
The caress of the wrongs you have done in your life
a step ahead in time will earn you the knife
The knife to cut away the baggage you now carry
know in your heart, bad times you can bury
Think of the good and the smiles you have had
how many people have you made glad?
Neighbor down the street, the kid on the block?
as a volunteer, doors you will knock
Knock to spread the message of love in this world
your mind will release, souls will be stirred
Stirred for the good, ones in real need
help heal the wounds, so they won't bleed.

January 6,2009

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Dwayne Banks Popularity

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