Drifting/Drowning (Plate Tectonics) Poem by Dyhanara Rios

Drifting/Drowning (Plate Tectonics)

Why does it feel like we’re drifting
Apart more and more each day?
The smiles we trade have started to fade,
And my heart needs you more each day.
So listen up! I’ll do whatever it takes
To keep together the bond we’ve made,
Which, somehow, is falling, and one mistake
Could shatter and fray all that we’ve made.

Like a church’s mosaic windows,
Our connection sparkles through the day
As I think of you, your heart so true,
And stand by you in your shadow.
One crack on the glass means nothing.
If it keeps growing larger as it does now,
Then we lost something as we were drifting
Apart somehow; I’d do anything to hold you now.

All these tragic events and arguments;
We’re continents of fire and sediments.
We’re drifting continents of despair diverging;
We’re crashing continents of conflict converging.
Would we transform into anything better
If we decided to just move past each other?
We’re plate tectonics in real life action;
The effects stronger than any chemical reaction.

What would happen if I drowned?
Well, my funeral would feature
Our favorite classical songs.
You were my favorite...
I meant to tell you all along.
Bury me in a shadow-black gown,
Black as the sadness that we drifted apart,
Black as the madness that’d tear me apart.

So if I drifted so far from you that I drowned,
Would you still stand by my burial ground
And mourn for me as I drown, six feet down
For the very last time in my shadow-black gown?

Dyhanara Rios

Dyhanara Rios

San Antonio, Texas
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