Dzekashu Macviban

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Dzekashu is the author of a poetry collection titled Scions of the Malcontent

Dzekashu Macviban Poems

Comfortless Memories

Tyrants and sycophants sit with comfortless memories
Perturbed by past, illegal and gory glories


The unsteady familiar rhythm of known voices

Like some haunting siren song suffocates

A Woman Of The People

A fine f- she was, they said
From Bakweri land to Ngaoundal
Where did she not have a tryst?

Obasinjom Warrior - (For Bate Besong)

Two-legged brain, transcendental transcriber
Contiguous of earth, monsieur

Dzekashu Macviban Comments

p.a. noushad 13 February 2009

wings of poetic imagination.

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