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Fatboy Estate manned through hierarchy
Plutonium radioactive if it's Future X Uzi,
Safe houses beneath just to be 'ready'
Ready up! the south does Nose dives

On a Friday:
Waves radioactive at 23Khz,
Osiris the mundane core,
Departs from Rigid Earth

Dora khat don't squirt it!
Dodge catpiss or be swiped,
We coming for your bulging back,
Dabbed smells then dunky

On every Friday I was covered
A meal for the irredeemable coupon
I'd be an opportunist and not the coward
Low life kinda made me a streetwise clown

I was strolling through Orange Gates
Till when I felt strange about the ambience
This new space stargazed in dark matter,
Needed an accurate navigation director

Your charges are nothing but mere detest
Intellectualization against you being honest,
Hatred practiced against my well being
Because I scorn at the high table's

If you don't know where to start
Begin with the end in mind 🐎
Launch syndrome like 'Titanic torpedos👽
Dependency trap zone's ordeal?

Too late to be a prodigy
Fungible zones of abilities,
Apexes so long and sharp like insulae
My kind brought me up this time chain,

I swear u ain't gonna shock my very day
Facebook me if you feel Neutral,
Current surge, lament when liquor ran's out democrats.

Tryna fit in the new world order,
An admirer of the left legged messiah,
Inspired by the multitude signs of the pleaser,
Cool Covid flow in the second world center,

Pulp by hemp enumerate quantum wings,
Gaps underlay sweeping life for a cling on the swing,
Cups and dust wishing the old ching ching,
Abrupt chance to harness shillings,

Reality checks got me a sale for the Benz,
Bounty hunting after the vision to marvel no less,
Gnarly with the tunnel vision like it's my prowess,
Clarity is when Chanel drips on me like cliche,

Her grandeur spoke in jargon like a gift,
Like a hog devoured her gravy meat,
Buffer zones like NASA got me a phony tweet,
Alkeida got me on my resentment feet,

Could hope be a sign of weakness,
A remedy for the impending illness?
Should people in poverty be consoled like it's okay,
Okay not to generate solutions but pray?

Without fear an alpha surpasses,
Pure blood rightly then amounts to volumes,
Time and the discreet sun conceals mass,
Then a decoy my partner withdraws to be,

Stroll through the left wing door,
A chance to explore beyond the unknown,
Radical welcomes fixed with projected crescendo,
Down held like a gypsy proud of his own town,

Why do I care?
Cause I'ma put you on a stretcher,
You say classic is rare,
Euros could get me a personal teller,

Who is to blame?
The brokenness embedded,
The broken promises,
The prioritized accolades,

There is superstition,
A word that can nonetheless parlance the intangible,
The unrealistic domain which is said to be ever active,
Stringed to radical beliefs,

It's the Renaqu council,
That's where the 18th finger points at,
The question of whoever is the architect,
The dexterous anonymous villain that you seek,

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Fire keeps your genes upfront
You better be more rational Ernest99plus
Numb your feelings, don't be sensitive.
Am I passionate about Osiris?
Came from the dead and now am relevant
Am hot blooded so don't get it started, Imprecision is my definition,
Careless, wild, extravagant; without restraint,
Am on probation so I've got to be a 'good person'.

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Vladimir's Enigma Machine

Fatboy Estate manned through hierarchy
Plutonium radioactive if it's Future X Uzi,
Safe houses beneath just to be 'ready'
Ready up! the south does Nose dives
Only the Germans did pointed missiles
The blue titans straighten their els.

Bygones be bygones if classics are prior
Fell on my feet like a cat's parkour
Was about to throw in the towel
Till I remembered I have got nine lives
Am a big cat, Pardus Sancho
I need me the guacamole for my nacho.

Crunchy to the core like a cookie
This guap edible so I squander to my fill
White flags stretched out from the trenches
Alexander the great incarnation and ordeal,
Entanglement to chi 20 and toxic 46,
Encrypted index made it less a poem?
Ask the Polish granting asylum for Kenyans
Polish decipher methods since the Enigma.

Star trek Kamikaze,
Left wing picking sides
China's play as Chun LI
Numero uno diva in verdant fertility,
Fresh as yesterday you were muddy
Now up like Donald Trump's net worth is,
Huawei franchise t'd up like Swae Lee,
Antisemitism scourge can't sway me
Let the sleeping dog be,
Was talking to Sosa over a resolution,
Neither houses are backing down.

UK reign now a subject to Renaqu council
This feud is a preliminary struggle,
Geopolitical zones enforcements,
Stay indoors till the shit show ends
And hope you don't forget what's free;
To circumnavigate the Earth's girth,
The borders a slaughter bath
For the victor to swim into glee?

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Beauty could be an illusion with the disregard of humane for I believe it can be possessed by any kind of thing...

As honest as existence, as illusional as the conscious of the truth...

Achievements incorporate physical manoeuvre and the ability too to fulfill sensible thoughts.

Hope is hopefully the best thing to hope for in difficult situations: albeit the ability to transition our hopes to solutions is what determines the conclusion....I assure you that is guaranteed!

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Earnest Gatuma Popularity

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