East Sea Fairy Xing Yi Poems

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I'm not flame if you don't come.
I'll consistently grow old
and quietly die out
if your eye doesn't pick me.


Pearls live in tightly closed clamshells.
in nobody-troubles-to-read poems I remain.
As the seed of hope lives in black earth,
I dream happiness watered by rain.

Roadside Flowers Fading Away

By YAN Shu Translated by East-sea Fairy

The red plum flowers growing roadside
gradually fade,

Gazing The Moon

You lower your head to look down at me
while I raise my head to look up at you.
To each other both of us hold a glad eye.

Winds Of Four Seasons

Autumn wind scares the faces of leave yellow,
Winter wind embraces water till it turns into ice.

Spring wind melts snow completely

Water And Sand

A drop of water reflects the world clear
A grain of sand counts the sadness men bear.

Can a grain of sand melt a drop of water?

Sand-Washing Waves•sober Up

Sand-washing Waves•Sober up
By LIU-Yong(about984ad—about1053ad) Tr. East-Sea Fairy
The moment when I sobered up off the influence of alcohol in the cold night,
a breath of wind distressing and drear

The Last Love Letter

Darling, now that we must die,
Please forgive my being selfish to leave you behind
Let me die in your arms with a peaceful mind
and warm up the bedding for you in the paradise.


O, fish, if you swim to my home town,
please give my parents in my name a call-on.

O, Wild goose, if to my home town you fly,

Spring Quilt And Summer Pillow

By LIU-Yong(984ad-1053ad)

Using even now a spring quilt and a summer pillow
in the early autumn air

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