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hi everyone my name is eboni paul. i actually just started writting about two years ago. my family and move to austin texas after hurricane katrina. we were stuck in new orleans like two weeks aftrer the storm. that was the most tramatic point in my life.8 months after the storm my grandmother pass away. she was my life. after she die i felt like ...

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Misery brought on by my father’s neglectful ways,
Disrespect to him will shorten my days.
I find love within drugs,
Rather than fathers hugs.
Even though he was always there,
His actions made me feel like he didn’t care.
Praying to the lord to take my soul,
Eboni, hold on be bold those are the words I was told.
No one knows the tears I shed,
Lying down in my bed.
Everyday death passes through my mind,
Smiles and laughter is what I hide behind.
On the outside you would take me as strong and sturdy because of the words I speak,
But internally I’m timid, delicate, and weak.
I don’t want to die but I don’t want to live,
So much of me I am willing to give.
There’s not one day I don’t think about giving up,
But in this life I’m stuck,
However I would try to stay,
Maybe I will find happiness one day.

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eboni paul Popularity

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