Ramesh T A Education Poems

A Good Education Need Of The Hour!

Education decides about the future life and work for all;
Education only helps to develop one’s life and work here.
Mere education is not passport to get job but it’s for life;
Mere education helps not to face life situation or crisis;


Just economic development by technology and strengthening of
Military power only increase rivalry, hatred and sense of
Domination whether natural resources exploited for greed or
Development, the progress of world does not; ead to peace!

The Necessity Of Quality Education For One World Union!

Democracy under able leader only can function successfully sure;
Democracy under the army control cannot function naturally ever;
Democratic rule of all nations only can do greatest benefit to humanity;
Freedom and democracy only can make the real modern world!

Make Education Useful By Knowledge Of Nature!

Nature has Universal Spirit within like human body has soul
That activates everything and is what called as Divine Spirit;
Realization of this eternal truth about God is basic knowledge
That makes all things clear for one to aspire for higher level!

Education For Unity And Friendship To Be Best Humans!

Rich or poor, high or low, black or white, Indian or Greek,
Only education unites all races and nationals as equal and
Human by knowledge and love to live in harmony with Nature
In one world for world peace, prosperity and progress sure!

Sex Education Or Love Education?

Now education is the base for doing anything and everything;
What the animals naturally do by instinct, men mechanically
Do by learning whether it is behaviour or work or sex sure;
If so, if education is not complete, how can they be full?

Best Use Of Education Makes All Shine!

Education removes darkness in one's life in the world;
World educated people are very few compared to others;
Others find it difficult to get education everywhere;
Getting educated is not an easy thing due to its cost!


Friendship is the beginning of love in the affairs of humans;
Intimate friendship leads to love transcending all barriers;
Friendship has become world culture that unites all people;
For, friendship is fostered from school and college to life!

Real Education To Eternal Freedom!

Education does not end in the four walls of schools and colleges;
Real education begins when one comes out of the portal of college;
Nature opens the broad door for all to get education for life ever;
Art is the product one gets to create what one has learnt so far..!

Change In Way Of Life By Education And Love A Must!

Peace, unity, joy, friendship and progress are the harbinger of love;
Knowledge of truth about Self, world, Nature and Universal Spirit
And kindness, compassion, care and concern of love rule whole world,
If material development goes hand in hand with human development!

Education In Nature Is A Must For Full Knowledge!

Just bookish knowledge and some experience are not enough
To know, realize and understand everything in world life;
Deep exploration in natural, supernatural and spiritual
Aspects of knowledge is necessary to have true knowledge!

Cultural Education Only Can Eradicate Violence In World!

Sans development of talent by education, one can't become
A full person to do beneficial service to self and world;
Sans encouragement of national governance, benefits of
Best talents in all fields will be enjoyed by foreigners!

Flaw In Education Lands Many In Chaos!

World history repeats itself, but who cares for history at all;
Literature says facts about life, but who bothers about literature;
Economics and technology all are concerned with in material world;
That is why world is in turmoil, troubles and totally in chaos!

Quality Of Education Depends On Dedicated Teachers!

Teachers are personification of knowledge full of wisdom;
They are responsible for building character and manners
With discipline to all lifting them up in any profession;
Like Vivekananda and Valluvar, they make all wise by words!

Benefit Of Best Education!

Education is the basic thing for all developments of
Individuals and world as a whole as it shackles all
Differences of religion, class, colour, status, etc.
By uniting all as equal remembers of community ever!

The Imperative Of Education System!

Life is not mathematics with formulae to apply for solution;
If a formula is not found out, problem can't be solved in life
For the people, whose mind functions like that in the world!

Real Education!

Enthusiasm out of creativity increases interest,
Confidence and power based on the knowledge
One has gained through education earlier in life!

Life Is Dark Sans Education!

Just acquiring knowledge does not solve everything.
Intellectual thinking is needed to know the truth ever.
Failure of educated people is mainly due to this plight.