A Ballad For Helen Keller Poem by Edwina Reizer

A Ballad For Helen Keller

Rating: 4.5

How can I know what I can't see?
It's never been a part of me.

How can I know what I can't hear?
It's never been within my ear.

How can I know what I can't say?
It's never been my way to pray.

For all is darkness where I am.
And all is soundless where I am.
All is speechless like a clam.
But touching is a joy to me,
feeling all that I cannot see.

I feel the sounds my heart does beat.
And tastes on my tongue so sweet.
It's how my world began
until an angel came my way
and helped to lift a ban.

And now it matters not to me
what I can't say or hear or see.
The angel helped me find my way
to face another brand new day
and finally want to live.

Niharika 24 September 2020

Nice to learn

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Sylvia Frances Chan 04 November 2018

An amazing ballad created especially for Helen Keller. Hats off for you Mrs. Reizer! I have enjoyed a very lot this faschinating and dashing poem. This poem touched me a very lot. Thank you so much for sharing such A Beauty. The beautiful poem and the way Helen Keller lived and loved her life, full of beauty and it was beautiful. She is a great example for mankind. A fantastic Tribute for Helen Keller.

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Kim Barney 06 March 2015

This is lovely. I've always admired Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne Sullivan. This poem brings them both to life. Thanks you.

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Robin Bennett 20 July 2012

this is so lovely! What a beautiful piece, written with such grace. Your word choices were excellent and the way you formatted the poem worked perfectly. The beginning couplets set the stage for just a masterful write. This is going on my favorites list. Much enjoyed!

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Juan Olivarez 07 May 2010

I thought that poetry was dead. Of all i have found on this web-site you are the only one i can truly read and appreciate.

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