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I told you I was in love,
But you laughed and
Laughed and laughed.

My Africa, my home
As I cast back my mind
To days before I left
Before you left me impotent

when i heard;
i mean,
when they told me
you were dead,

Beautiful miss of my dreams
You always refuse my love
I want you to be my miss
Cause for you I really miss.

Holy beautiful nun, you tax my memory,
Over you boys are flaunting their abilities
To shoulder a social taboo
While some dance in heartful joy

My dear, since you left
Rain of tears have been
Falling down my eyes.

Lay your life in mine
My love,
Humans we are,
But love brings

In your eyes
My song is one of wrong
Intruding into your heart
And you laughed and

I was born in a year
Of a great depression,
My parents were born here

Cupid O Cupid,
Hunting all day long;
Bring me a love,
Wise or stupid;

i don't want you
to know me,
if you know me,
you will

I loved mr. Fred
He was my friend
But was taken from me
Death took him from me

Men in chains
In malady of the age,
Bigots in rage
Worshippers lie in state.

Please don't leave without a kiss;
I want to plant it on your lips.
My arms around your hip;
O' my love can you feel the heat?


Naked I came
And naked shall I return
If it be the will of Allah
That I go today

For those unlucky in love
In your feelin' of sadness
and forlon,
Love songs will always be

Love is but a shadow
The shades in Hades
Seeks to be redeemed
But the ever watchful

I am not an epigone
Tho' I read Hesiod's Theogony.

I love Ajax the greater,

Do not curse this day
I have become bearded
Still not yet a sage
As some would say

My love, my siamese twin
I see you seated there by
that tree.
I love you, are you still free?

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If there is anything within I must be proud of in my lifetime, it is what I have said; what I have written, what I have done, what I believe, and what I have thought people about...)

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' You Laughed And Laughed And Laughed

I told you I was in love,
But you laughed and
Laughed and laughed.
I gave you my love,
But you did not give me yours,
Instead, you kept mine, and
Gave yours to another.
You laughed at my song,
You laughed at my walk,
Then I danced my magic dance
to the rhythm of the talking
drums pleading.
But you shut your eyes, and laughed
And laughed and laughed.

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Igwilo Vincent Somto 22 March 2016

keep making NIGERIA proud

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kudos to your creaitivity

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Jacob Victoria 31 May 2014

It's good to meet someone 4rm the same country, u have wounderful poems here

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