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Efren Petalver Carranza Poems

1. When Love Walks Away 2/6/2011
2. Life, Candle, And Wine 2/6/2011
3. The Riddle 2/6/2011
4. The Wall 2/9/2011
5. San Francisco - 1981 2/9/2011
6. Opinionated Opinions 2/9/2011
7. Ex-Lovers Met In Fb: The Spy 2/12/2011
8. Ex-Lovers Met In Fb 2/13/2011
9. Life 2/13/2011
10. Reincarnation 2/13/2011
11. In Depth Of Struggle 2/13/2011
12. At The Minor's Field 2/13/2011
13. Voyage Of The Mind 2/13/2011
14. The Melodic Rain On My Roof 2/13/2011
15. Today 2/13/2011
16. Hands Of Fathers And Sons 2/15/2011
17. The Days Of Autumn 2/15/2011
18. Where Wingless Angels Go 2/15/2011
19. You And I 2/15/2011
20. Who Is Mai Iddu 2/15/2011
21. Life Is Worth Living 2/21/2011
22. The Joy Of Lovemaking 2/21/2011
23. My Words Of Wisdom 2/23/2011
24. Signs And Tribulations 2/25/2011
25. Faith 2/25/2011
26. Touches Of The Night 2/25/2011
27. The Gomez's Of 1970 2/25/2011
28. The Cycle Of Life 2/25/2011
29. In Solitude 3/3/2011
30. The Falling Feather 3/3/2011
31. Seduced 3/6/2011
32. Is It Just A Friend? 3/6/2011
33. Smile 3/6/2011
34. Another Excuse! Another Lie! 3/20/2011
35. My Invisible Friend 3/26/2011
36. Summer’s Delight 5/1/2011
37. Yesterday 5/3/2011
38. The Myth Of Winter 5/3/2011
39. Tomorrow 5/3/2011
40. A Glance From The Past 5/31/2011

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Life Is A Journey Of Ups And Downs

Even on a newly paved road, we can still encounter a constructors’ bumpy works – or maybe these exist purposely for travelers’ safety – but we don’t know until we passed them to our rides. Same as life: it is journey of ups and downs. We can ponder the past, as beautiful sceneries and yet we missed some details by obstruction of bumps, which we cannot look back by the speed of our commute. Same as life: we can look ahead and enjoy smooth rides towards sunset in an open view, like a dream full of colorful wishes or ambitions, yet only to be sighted by careful attention and guidance of our ...

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Spring Lovers

Love comes like a rose-vine clinging upward
Grasping for that first cool breeze of spring air
With a kiss of sunrise to its beauty’s reward
Fragrance burst out from its eminent bud’s lair.

When withered tree stands upon winter’s bliss,
And a snow shimmers on its branches’ content,
Love comes in spring for new leaves then to hiss,
Till this season’s course breakthrough its intent

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