Efren Petalver Carranza

Life Is A Journey Of Ups And Downs - Poem by Efren Petalver Carranza

Even on a newly paved road, we can still encounter a constructors’ bumpy works – or maybe these exist purposely for travelers’ safety – but we don’t know until we passed them to our rides. Same as life: it is journey of ups and downs. We can ponder the past, as beautiful sceneries and yet we missed some details by obstruction of bumps, which we cannot look back by the speed of our commute. Same as life: we can look ahead and enjoy smooth rides towards sunset in an open view, like a dream full of colorful wishes or ambitions, yet only to be sighted by careful attention and guidance of our hands. Same as life: each one has final destination in this crazy world, and time is our age with unknown stoppage of seconds, but we all arrive to our own destiny.
Yes! Life is a journey of ups and downs – whether today is a joyful result of good fortune, and yesterday was the absence of luck, while tomorrow remains in the vein of the wind. Life, like given clays to perfectly shape them into a ball, and each print of fingertips are imprints of struggles. We can mold them in any sizes and shapes – as greatness to our endeavors – of how we work our fate throughout our given time. Some succeed and some fail.
And yes! Life is a journey of ups and downs – whether we are surrounded by thinkers or traitors; lovers or haters; good friends or enemies – to carefully eye them with our best judgment: Such judgments that do not offend one as opposite but as a protection to our own well being to learn of what we must know and gain of what we must earn.
Indeed, life is journey of good and bad, joy and sorrow, luck and misfortune, like post-signs: we can only repair the repairable and leave the un-repairable, so we can move on until our final destinations were reached upon God’s will.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 29, 2011

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