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Animals in clothes I see
Driving cars or sipping tea
Animals in clothes I see
But they don't know what they are

Take someone you love
Then ask yourself this question
What is it that creates this love
This act of total toleration

Today I walked upon soft turf
Within a summers day
Where blue sky met blue sea
Midst pink green thrift

The Universe is God
You did not know?
They do not tell


Fear of death
Fear of life
Fear of truth
Fear can bite

If you believe in God
God must have made us all
Out of whatever God is
Unless God borrowed something small

When we are angry at mankind
Or rave at some depravity of mind
When we would curse behaviour of a kind
To argue, rather than to view benign

Whatever is an alien?
Is a question you may well ask
Would we recognise one if we saw one

To The Establishment

All Poets write with words that flow

Mystic land
Set in the sea
To catch in summer sun
In winter mist and tree bent storm

If you want adventure
If you want fly
Take a ship with three masts
And square sails set high

Bury face in the sweet grass
Smell damp earth
Things past
Lay on back

In the hall
Where floor boards creak
Through the tall doors
From the Street


Belief without knowledge is called trust
Knowledge without belief is called ignorance

Let the child
In your mind
Come to the door

Dead Leaves
Reds and golds
Cobwebs in the grass


Doors that open
Doors that close
Doors that lead
Where no one goes

life is life
death is death
awake is awake
asleep is asleep

Re-programmed for our daily life
Brain full of new and original strife
How is it when we first awake
We have to momentarily decide

Those words I wrote
Which you have read
I wrote that you should know
What's in my head

Egal Bohen Biography

Thank you for finding my poetry - You will have seen it may not conform to any of the accepted styles of verse (if you find a poem that does it must be a pure coincidence) My poems are my thoughts, dreams and memories, scribbled down primarily for myself as part of a lifetimes search to find out exactly what I am, who I am, where I am, and what the hell I'm here for - but I hope also you might find something in them too, for yourself, somewhere, if you find yourself asking yourself similar questions, which I am certain you do. You have my poetry, you have me.. If you want to know more, read more of my poetry visit my blogspot at: or http: // All answers require communication - One of my earliest poems was on that very important aspect of our lives - (I actually believe it is THE most important aspect of our lives) I would like to include in my biography as it is so essential to getting answers... COMMUNICATION Speak out while you are here For we are listening We have not come to pass the time of day As you might say But wait upon your offering Speak out while you are here Speak out For if your thoughts unto yourself You keep The world may weep And people here And people there And people everywhere Will more misguided come So do not hold your tongue Speak out Let us have some variation on the theme Speak freely Clear Not thoughts you think we like to hear But thoughts that sear and form and grow To change Change our cluttered cramped idea Speak out For that is why you are here Egal Bohen .................................................. [The Picture: Is the Cone Nebula NGC 2264 (The same stuff we are made of!) - Acknowledgements to Hubble; NASA; STSci; ESA etc ])

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Animals In Clothes

Animals in clothes I see
Driving cars or sipping tea
Animals in clothes I see
But they don't know what they are
These animals that drive a car?
Dress in clothes?
Sip the tea?
Just like you
Just like me
Very clever animals they'd be!

But they don't know what they are
These animals that drive a car
Dress in clothes
Sip the tea
Just like you
Just like me

So truly stupid animals they be
Not to realize what they are
Just because they drive a car
Sip the tea
Just like you
Just like me

Oh what stupid things we be
Not to realize what we are
Just because we drive a car
Dress in clothes
Sip the tea
So g-r-a-c-i-o-u-s-l-y!
You and Me

Oh what stupid things we are
Not to realize what we be
Animals that drive a car
Dress in clothes
Sip the tea
You and me

For if Mr Piggy had our brain
Ten fingers
Clothes, and a name
Wouldn't he be just the same?


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niggerkiller 21 November 2019

you stupid ugly skinny headass pinecone head up

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Angela Combs 12 August 2007

People like you are rare and very special... oh yeah and Loved the poem even if I see things differently I really enjoyed your insight to things... Isle of wishes

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