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Thank you for finding my poetry - You will have seen it may not conform to any of the accepted styles of verse (if you find a poem that does it must be a pure coincidence)

My poems are my thoughts, dreams and memories, scribbled down primarily for myself as part of a lifetimes search to find out exactly what I am, who I am, where I am, ...

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Animals In Clothes

Animals in clothes I see
Driving cars or sipping tea
Animals in clothes I see
But they don't know what they are

Brothers, Fathers, Sisters, Mothers

Take someone you love
Then ask yourself this question
What is it that creates this love
This act of total toleration

A Cornish Path

Today I walked upon soft turf
Within a summers day
Where blue sky met blue sea
Midst pink green thrift

A Truth

The Universe is God
You did not know?
They do not tell


Fear of death
Fear of life
Fear of truth
Fear can bite

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niggerkiller 21 November 2019

you stupid ugly skinny headass pinecone head up

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Angela Combs 12 August 2007

People like you are rare and very special... oh yeah and Loved the poem even if I see things differently I really enjoyed your insight to things... Isle of wishes

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