Another Truth (Don'T Read This If You Don'T Believe In God) Poem by Egal Bohen

Another Truth (Don'T Read This If You Don'T Believe In God)

If you believe in God
God must have made us all
Out of whatever God is
Unless God borrowed something small
From some other God, perhaps a friend of his
Or, he may have had a brother or a sister or two
Though this is unlikely and probably not true
Because it would mean, that he was in that case
Just one of two or three Gods out there in space
Raising the question of who was there first
Where did the others come from?
Perhaps near Chislelhurst?
And then one could ask, where did the others go?
But that's a very difficult question to answer, you know
Which means in the end you surely must perceive
If you believe in one God
He is in you and me

For whatever God is
You is a part

(Actually, ... I think, ....he lives in your heart)

Patti Masterman 08 October 2007

I like this very much and the ending especially. I like bang-up endings (reverse of big bangs?) Chislelhurst might well be the center of the universe although they say there is no center nowdays, and it may all expanding perhaps as far as Woolwich? And I think God lives happily inside of all your poems!

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Blue angel Florida 22 August 2007

Namaste...From my God Heart :)

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Suzan Gumush 24 November 2006

strange you mention chislehurst.......Maybe your belief in god is closer than you think. good poem best wishes suzan

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Nermin Nazim 28 September 2006

what an intellect! i love it, the way you put it, yes we, who believe in Him, would testify on that! love your way of writing it and the reasoning. very cleverly written.

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Gillian.E. Shaw 11 September 2006

Absolutely delightful! Reminds me a little of the tone of A.A.Milne. I like this very much.

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Umar Hashmi 04 December 2015

We are not better than animals................................

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M Asim Nehal 04 December 2015

There is only one GOD and I agree on this with u.

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David Gerardino 05 January 2012

the last part, makes the poem...................

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Egal Bohen 28 November 2007

Dear Jemarie, I sincerely thank you for your kind comments and advice, and, being broadminded of course I have over many years, read most of the Bible In friendship I would reciprocate and invite you to read two other books written by God (Through his followers of course) 1. The Upanishads (Equivalent of the New Testament to Indian Brahmin) 2. 'An Experiment With Time' by J W Dunne. You will find these are both also very enlightening, being written from the same universal perspective. In the meantime I have no doubt that despite the existence of all three volumes the Universal God still 'probably' sends his blessings from Chislehurst to the followers of all planetary religions of man! In good faith and steadfast in the face of all adversity Sincerely, Egal.. (One of Life's Pilgrims)

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Jemarie Ragudo 28 November 2007

I invite you to read the Bible so all the questions and doubt shall find answers. You have a good heart and I believe you will find the Bible a very enlightening and inspiring literature. God bless you!

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