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We have conscience,
we want paradise.
Stop violence,
it's antagonist of paradise.

I love my country Nigeria
A country so imperial and essential,
with feasible human and natural blessings
like the population of bacteria.

If you can take life
Then takeyours alone
You have no right
Taking others along

Getting along in a world of distractiom
Giving alone in a place of want
Make known a timely perfection
What I add is what I worth

I am young
The future of Nigeria

I should not do wrong

Men never believe
what will make them live;
We all adhere
to ideas leading nowhere

Queen Africa
Robed with a glittering gown

The treasure replica

My safe place,
where I will rest;
My safe place,
which could give me the best;

Growing to a phase
beyond any imaginery pace
Getting on again
Till we're blessed with fathers gain

No matter the hail
Hope never fails
Even in flood it sails
to expectation's place

What I give I get
What to know is the first
All we need to rule

Nigeria good people
Together we build a great nation
No doubt we are
The world even believes that

You can
Make it work
With what you have
Including what you give

Leadership never subjects
Leadership is not controlling
Leadership is influencing
Leadership is implementing natures budget

APPEAL TO TERRORIST(Terrorism is Suicide)

Killing is living
A ridiculous concept

After hard day work comes pay,
working expecting results;
most times this is nay.

Like a flower,
mixed with complimentary colours:
this is my beautiful country.

A high tower

As the rain drips,
ideas sink so deep.
Get wet,
it washes ignorance.

The breeze of the night
brings coolness without sight

The song of the heart
erupts joy on sorrow's path

Corruption Dissolution

I have a dream, this must become real
That one day, Nigeria will be sealed

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Emmanuel Ehimika Ehimigbai)

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Stop Violence

We have conscience,
we want paradise.
Stop violence,
it's antagonist of paradise.
Embracing individual differences,
shows we are mature.
have clear consciences
with ourselves,
for a great future.
Stop violence.
Learn patience.
Nigeria my country,
let's live in peace and unity.

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VITUS OKECHUKWU 18 December 2022

Many years I wrote to you. But I am ready to work with you today. I will get 80 poems and mine and publish our book of poetry on ebook, BOOKTERIA. The title will be THE TWO POETS,

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poem the way I go I have faith in Nigeria for as a Christian I keep praying I would not stop that God bless me and the nation that is the way I decide to go please how do I summit my poems on poem hunter for my readers? SMS me,08068488422. do you write poems or summit your old poems for publication, send them. to and read it at okechukwuvitus. blog. be blessed.

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