Ehimika Ehimigbai

Ehimika Ehimigbai Poems

1. Skill Not Skin 8/15/2012
2. Real Victory Beneath 8/16/2012
3. Giving The Best 8/16/2012
4. Nothing To Worry 8/16/2012
5. Perish To Flourish 8/16/2012
6. Accountabilty My Greatest Priority 8/17/2012
7. Basic Truth 8/17/2012
8. Peace Meal 8/17/2012
9. Further Now 8/17/2012
10. Choose Good 8/17/2012
11. Certain People 8/17/2012
12. You Can, We Can 8/17/2012
13. Love Is All 8/17/2012
14. Leaders Are Right Dealer 8/17/2012
15. Pressing On 8/17/2012
16. Start Small 8/17/2012
17. Women, Real Men 8/17/2012
18. My Dream Of Nigeria 8/18/2012
19. My Father Land, Nigeria 8/18/2012
20. Think A Good Nigeria 8/18/2012
21. Useful Youth 8/30/2012
22. Think About It 9/13/2012
23. Very Good Nigeria 1/13/2013
24. Nigeria Very Good 1/13/2013
25. So It Be Clean 1/13/2013
26. Take It Easy 1/15/2013
27. A Better African 1/15/2013
28. Eagle In The Middle 1/15/2013
29. If You Care 8/18/2016
30. We Can Survive 8/18/2016
31. Why Nigeria? 10/5/2016
32. Kill This Thing 10/5/2016
33. Rise Against This Lice 11/7/2016
34. Who To Blame For Corruption? 11/7/2016
35. May I Know 11/15/2016
36. My Victory 11/15/2016
37. Yearn Against Boko Haram 11/15/2016
38. Peace Givings 6/5/2017
39. Look Beyond 6/5/2017
40. Setting The Dance 6/5/2017

Comments about Ehimika Ehimigbai

  • okechukwu Chidoluo Vitus (6/18/2018 12:05:00 PM)

    the way I go

    I have faith in Nigeria
    for as a Christian
    I keep praying
    I would not stop
    that God bless me
    and the nation
    that is the way
    I decide to go

    please how do I summit my poems on poem hunter for my readers? SMS me,08068488422. do you write poems or summit your old poems for publication, send them. to and read it at okechukwuvitus. blog. be blessed.

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Best Poem of Ehimika Ehimigbai

I Love My Country Nigeria

I love my country Nigeria
A country so imperial and essential,
with feasible human and natural blessings
like the population of bacteria.
I'm proud to be a Nigerian.
We can cultivate
this good land together,
till we're the world's finest brand.
I believe my land called Nigeria
don't bring any 'wahala'.

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Giving The Best

Working is living
Waiting is fading
Giving the best
Nothing but a must to win

Give to glow
What I know
Staying in touch
With true worth

I must give my best
Then I know the next
When the supreme is pleased
I will flow in ceaseless bliss
Giving the best
All to make the world better

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