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Other than his life story,
He doesn't know what he did wrong
Life is lonelier without her in it
Her volatility doesn't bother him a bit,

Receiving a medal for his mettle,
Running barefoot in the hot sand, constant in the summer race
Besotted by the color and shine of the prize,
Ignoring perceived stumbling blocks

Age is for the dead,
But he needs certain people to listen
Why not, why can't we have everything, without suffering and nasty conclusions?
Less noise for some, it's the beautiful answer

Price tag, personality 90% off,
Way off, not well-off
Saving little, no longer a face, just a disguise,
Dressed down from all the criticism, wearing all that examination around like it suits him

He feels overcast,
Always carrying a degree of guilt about himself
Nowadays for him, the seconds feel like minutes,
Minutes like hours,

Drawing in front of a picture window,
He just can't see that the lines are crossed,
As confusion tells the story
What once was taken at face value seems to have gone incognito,

Due to past abuses,
He is sometimes unable to properly respond to immediate demands
Oh, the pressure,
This life and its series of different faces

The weather gives mixed signals,
As does he,
With his simple ambitions and stormy demeanor
Emphatic about nothing,

An examination of his personality says little,
It seems that the eagle's relative knows more
Watching from a bird's-eye view,
Never taking its perspective for granted,

Hand smells difficult,
Life comes off worse than yesterday
Those who underestimate cannot relate,
It was a circus, but not the fun we expected,

Once was explained about the concerns of reality and presence,
Also handed a bag full of issues in the process
Fighting to the death to cover up life,
It feels very middle class

Ran to places,
Shown the paces,
Yet still spinning his wheels
Stammering, stumbling,

Fierce success can bred melancholy,
But also give the vanished another opportunity to reappear
Fatalistic honesty in interviews may not lead to promotion,
But there is still the best you ever had that only you may be aware of

Listening to what he is slinging,
But the sales pitch is far away from the strike zone
Amused, but fearful of wasting so much time
Showing a great demonstration of concentration,

Playing along,
Trying to get by,
Yet he remains someone who is behind everyone that he walks past
Don't want to deal with the wrong idea,

The party was lead into an ambush,
All red,
All led,
All fed,

Tighter than a vice,
Closer than ever,
He hears the whispering
What speaks is his other voice,

Too old to change,
Too dumb to care
Calling him wise would be a poor choice of words,
But it's better than not calling him at all

Sure as shirt,
He feels exposed
Only an act of intervention can change these circumstances,
But his life is like the objective in a game of darts,

Some people are a product of their time,
Others are timeless (nothing wrong with either state)
She was timeless,
So is he

Eillio Imbasciati Biography

I'm a writer, I suppose; I always enjoy reading early works and those more contemporary. I feel there are many good writers/poets left undiscovered, and their work is just as powerful & beautiful as those who are known throughout history. If anyone wants to know other details about me, I'm willing to share, but I don't feel like writing those things out.)

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Still Playing Catch-Up With Her

Other than his life story,
He doesn't know what he did wrong
Life is lonelier without her in it
Her volatility doesn't bother him a bit,
Although he's out of patience, he's out of time
For her still, a slight smile, however wounded the look
It hardly matter that she gets mad, as we'll work on getting even later
Still playing catch-up with her,
Since relationships take work, and need a lot of water,
Well, doesn't that all just make the devil see red?

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