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I hate the way I feel
knowing the fact that was revealed
a painful truth that made me ill
and now, I do not know how to make it heal

You said you love me
but suddenly you left me
you promised me everything
but here I am now, lonely and crying

You're like a star in the middle of the night
Twinkling and brightly shining before my eyes
Myriads of feeling exist here in my heart
Whenever I stare at you I am filled with delight

Minahal kita with all of my puso
pati mga friends ay akin pang isinakripisyo
Nag iipon for our dream palasyo
at sa future anak sana nating sampo

Confusions covered me
Everything's unclear, I couldn't see
Lot of questions but my answer was maybe
It's because I'm living with my past, yearning to be free

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'I am funny and jolly, but it does not mean, i don't have any sense of seriousness at aLL, .. I believe that that humor is an intellect that Can only be possessed by a DEEP person..and THAT IS ME! ! I am 19..turning 20 on nov.06.I'm just an ordinary Education student who loves to write poems and songs...it is my way of expressing my deepest thoughts and feelings...it is my way of shouting what i really feel inside...i am funny and noisy! yet deep inside, there are thousands of pain that really hard to deny..a lady too who is waiting for a true lover guy that i will love forever and will love me too... :))

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Painful Revelation

I hate the way I feel
knowing the fact that was revealed
a painful truth that made me ill
and now, I do not know how to make it heal

I was trapped into my past
then you came around to free me at last
your sight helped me to mend my broken heart
your smile showed me the way for another start

your presence is enough to make me appease
you brought back the smiles on my lips
you made all my sorrows come to an end
you gave me reason to love again

I am deeply in love with you yet you are not aware, ..
I always wanna see you but you seem no care
you are a person full of mystery
but I'm still wishing you to be my destiny

Then the mystery in you unlocked
a painful revelation that made me shock
I can't believe it...i was badly surprised
It hurt me and gave me no delight

was to meet you another decree of fate? ? ?
to give me pain like my past did? ?
you brought me back into the world of dead
a lonely world that no one can invade

should I accept your behind personality? ?
to take away all this longing and agony? ?
but then, I thank you for my learned lesson..

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