elen de Guzman Poems

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Painful Revelation

I hate the way I feel
knowing the fact that was revealed
a painful truth that made me ill
and now, I do not know how to make it heal

You Left Me

You said you love me
but suddenly you left me
you promised me everything
but here I am now, lonely and crying

Staring At You

You're like a star in the middle of the night
Twinkling and brightly shining before my eyes
Myriads of feeling exist here in my heart
Whenever I stare at you I am filled with delight

Bangag Na Love

Minahal kita with all of my puso
pati mga friends ay akin pang isinakripisyo
Nag iipon for our dream palasyo
at sa future anak sana nating sampo

A Triangular Love

Confusions covered me
Everything's unclear, I couldn't see
Lot of questions but my answer was maybe
It's because I'm living with my past, yearning to be free

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