A Triangular Love Poem by elen de Guzman

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elen de Guzman

elen de Guzman

tawin tawin alaminos city pangasinan

A Triangular Love

Confusions covered me
Everything's unclear, I couldn't see
Lot of questions but my answer was maybe
It's because I'm living with my past, yearning to be free

And it was you who came around
and turn my world up-side down
for I believed you're just making fun
Thus, truthfulness in you, is nothing to be found

Everything happened
I just considered a game
I'm not a sheep, never will be tame
that's what i stand for, 'coz i know you're not serious
i never loved you i never got jealous

But out of my foggy perception about love,
An impact was felt and that i could not hide
So I have no option but ti see game over
or else, I'll face astorm with lightning and thunder

There is no regret of what I've done
'coz you'll be back if you're destined to be my man
Yet, it so happened that you're now with another woman
and she's my friend, my dearest one

Don't hurt her never will you
'Coz I love her more than you do
though things happened between me and her
I still choose to help her on her trouble

She knew every little fiber of my being
Not just something but everything
So, whenever things collide,
I will choose to be at her side
-Though there is SOMETHING deep inside=(


This is a very emotional piece, the exception of letting for the 3rd party caught my attention here, but then after-all I have to appreciate the good talent, nice one, Write Even More The_African_Son

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elen de Guzman

elen de Guzman

tawin tawin alaminos city pangasinan
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