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Pair 01


Up in the sky
Very very high
The moon goes on smiling.

A blue bird sings on
Songs of sorrow pouring notes
Of pain into hearts.


Sitting on the chair,
The little baby fair
Tinkers with his hair,
Dreaming in morning's glare.

Many a wound have I had;
Many a drop of blood have I bled;
Many a globule of tears have I shed;
An ocean of sorrow have thus been bred.

A starter perhaps,
or the last one
to begin with,
or the beginning of

Yellow pens distort
Truth into bits of falsehood
And diffuse hatred.

Flowers and buds
Succumb to assaults
Ruthless and defying

of civilization
has long been sitting

She walked away
past me
along the pavement.

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Haikus In Pairs

Pair 01


I shouted, 'Help! Help! '
Nobody responded, for
I was in trouble.


I muttered, 'Help! Help! '
Everybody answered, for
Troubles were no more.

Pair 02


I shouted, 'Look! Look! '
Nobody looked at me, for
I was down on earth.


I just heaved a sigh;
All eyes got fixed on me, for
I was up the sky.

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Md Anisur Rahman 05 May 2016

I like your all poems.Your poems includes struggle.

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Md Anisur Rahman 18 November 2015

How nice your poems are!

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