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Your eyes widen in fear, as you
don’t believe that I’m standing in front
of you, after twenty years of trying to
find myself I stand before you with the

Darkness falls over the trees in
the woods where I stand, not quite alone.
I can hear breathing in back of me closer
and closer and then I hear your velvet

We are standing together under the night sky.
You brush your hand gently
across my cheek and down my neck,
slowly brushing my arm then you place your hand

What's the difference between pain and love,
you end up hurt either way.
Tears still fall, You still bleed, You still feel.
Can two people truly love one another, can it still be called love,

In a world full of people who lie and cheat,
Who kill,
and those who hurt the hearts that have not yet felt.
What was once a fairytale story,


† A human never knows how much someone might mean to them,
till there gone and its to late to say goodbye.
Even in this cheerful holiday the loss of someone you love is a deep cut to the heart,
but though they are gone they are still here,


Everthing I once knew, every touch,
every smell, every breath... Is gone...
My heart feels like its stopped beating,
like I can't take another breath...

Let me paint a picture for you, with silver and white, purple and blue, green and yellow. Ruins of an old church made of stone, benches strewed on the floor; a Stained glass window still shining in the sun, a column just barely holding a part of the roof up.

Snow starts to fall through the half of the roof that is gone. The flakes fall slowly and peacefully to the ground and into the pound of clear pure rain water; Kissing each white and yellow lily surrounding the pound. You step ever so gently from the doors to the pound.

Snow flakes fall soft and beautifully from the white sky, the tree's are covered in fresh snow. It glistens and sparkles as I watch her dancing in circle like a ballerina in the snow. My heart fills with warmth and happiness, as her little face lights with the joy of being free and having us both there to watch her to play with her to make cookies and to build snow men.

She smiles at me her eyes sparkling like stars were gently placed in them just to make people smile. Her beautiful long curls fly around her as she turns and turns like there will never be anything wrong, like every time someone leaves she knows that we'll meet them again somewhere.

Cold and afraid, scared and alone, no one close, no one here to wipe my tears away. No strong gentle arms to hold me safe no one left to hear my cries. A promise broken and forgotten, a heart shattered and torn, a life lost and cold.

Remember when I was the only one you could see. Can we go back to that can’t you come back. Or is the place you went to far too ever return is it a place that I truly could never go. Is it to hard for you to watch me go to you if I have to go there?

The lights bright in my eyes, A smile that
had left me long ago is standing in front of me, my
heart pounds joyfully in my chest…I told
you I would wait for you…But you look like you

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Dearest Sister

Your eyes widen in fear, as you
don’t believe that I’m standing in front
of you, after twenty years of trying to
find myself I stand before you with the
same old smile that you would wish to
see again, wishing that when your eyes
opened I would been standing there
ready to hurt who ever made you cry,
but I never thought that it would be me.
Me that I wanted to kill for the pain in
your heart of crystal, the crystal that I
tainted black when I left, I
will fix it I will take the darkness I left you with and
destroy the pain that shadows the
beautiful and pure heart of yours.
My dearest sister I will never leave your side

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