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Oh, look at me I'm a bi 'puzzle piece'
No, I don't fit their labels of heterosexuality or a 'normal' brain
But I'm not going to cease
No, down my words will rain

I wanted to be gifted
But even if the stars shifted
I wouldn't even be a contender
Feels like I'm more of a pretender

You matter beyond what you can do
You matter as much as them
You deserve the respect that you're due
You, they shouldn't condemn

Wild Child
Untamed heart
Not into mild
Feels like shes a world apart

Who's more 'damaged'
Who can we blame
I'm surprised we haven't managed
To already throw shame

It is as though I see real stars when I look upon those on my feet
The rainbow flags rest above flying probably lower than they ever should
The still-beating heart lies above that
The golden arrows upon what must be the beginning of my leg shaking with their rapid movements

The easy route is always the fastest one
But it is not always the best
That much I am sure she who defies the stars can tell you
If you always take the easy route she said

My dear, My dear, that is what I hear
When I look into my future and wonder into further years
I don't necessarily think of them as a lady or a gentleman
I just see my dear and that is what I hear back

I'm always stressed
I have strange dress
But I love me anyway
I'm a brat

"You must be crazy
Even though not too long ago you were just lazy
You can't speak or think, but boy does your mouth run
Anxiety registers as a blip when you're having this much fun

I felt strange
In some ways, I always knew
I guess understanding is a change
And I can't imagine what it's like for you

I am anger and rage
I am kindness and contentedness
I am a fighter
I am a lover

I'm seeing the white spots again
I have headaches even more now
My head is racing
My heart is hammering and pulsing with fear

Why do we run
Is it for fitness
Is it to move towards something
If so to what

I grow older with each passing day
Time spins on the dial around and around
If I ever wished to go back
I could only do so in my memories which are fragmented and ripped at the seams

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Hi, I'm Ezra, I'm new here. Don't know what else to say except enjoy reading my poems.

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#171 A Bisexual 'puzzle Piece'

Oh, look at me I'm a bi 'puzzle piece'
No, I don't fit their labels of heterosexuality or a 'normal' brain
But I'm not going to cease
No, down my words will rain

First of all, I'm not promiscuous or a slut
And I'm not super smart or dumb
I also like fluff not smut
And I don't suck my thumb

I know what I want
I'm not a child
Unlike you, I don't feel the need to taunt
Nor am I wild

You won't catch the other gender by being with me
Nor will you catch stupid.
'Cause, it seems you already have it to a high degree.
So much it's getting humid.

Finally, it's done and you with it.
Hope you had a horrible time
You ableist and/or biphobic nitwit
Sorry, what'd you just say I heard my phone chime.

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