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beyond reason the damage
done to the southern white
sensed as the nervous sky
keeps breathing in and out

the dust of empty spaces
washes off children's faces

refresh and restore

once more I'll hug
the tips of my fingers
to your chin
in a close dance

in the hearth
of the earth
of my mind
today I saw

in changing flames of fire
speak to it falsely
speak to it true
words of whispering intention

to know His passion
under many moons
in the south
and when He said

I found loneliness
in winter's aloe sun
reaching and listening
to the beat of the bark

on the wings of a cold
Winter's wind
en route of
the dragon-fly's flight

a moment with you
on the sweeping shore
heads low against winds
and pelting sand's peak

on cushioned paws
what have you done
in the night
after miles of hunting

what I have gone through
what I am still going through
in that degrading place
that they called my case

every square has its jewels
you realize every time you move
they keep coming to you
light faces bright

strong and courageous
may the light within you
be rose and gold
and reach to

in the return of a woman
flies colours of all kinds and cairn
in the misty land of men
on sometimes grass sometimes gravel

the road is long
and cumbersome
bump up and down
between sorrel

let us plant grass my lord
in semi-shade a cord
buck bay vygies
for color just to see

in plain
under shade

When I, as if
groped about
for outcome

there is peace
in the roundness
of a polished stone
river rock

I wanted so much
to stroke his face
that he can see
how the music of the day

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The Blame Beyond Reason

beyond reason the damage
done to the southern white
sensed as the nervous sky
keeps breathing in and out
like an elephant rumbling
it's last song before sunset

a cold cold august wind
rhinoceros are slaughtered
women are being attacked
watching is the nervous sky
and held by angels and let go
is the cold cold august wind

wherein assaults are crafted
where kwagga once walked
minds are defined by night
and trauma refining us
men who once as children
talked and trumpled streets

are now souls beyond reason
in the spreadlight of the hawk
snatching lives as in a game
denial false agreements we are
losing the ability to draw lines
with ever the haunting thought
someone is winning this blame

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