The Blame Beyond Reason Poem by Elna Nel

The Blame Beyond Reason

beyond reason the damage
done to the southern white
sensed as the nervous sky
keeps breathing in and out
like an elephant rumbling
it's last song before sunset

a cold cold august wind
rhinoceros are slaughtered
women are being attacked
watching is the nervous sky
and held by angels and let go
is the cold cold august wind

wherein assaults are crafted
where kwagga once walked
minds are defined by night
and trauma refining us
men who once as children
talked and trumpled streets

are now souls beyond reason
in the spreadlight of the hawk
snatching lives as in a game
denial false agreements we are
losing the ability to draw lines
with ever the haunting thought
someone is winning this blame

Valerie Dohren 18 August 2012

Great write, a sad portrayal of the shadow side of man.

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Ken E Hall 17 August 2012

Very good look at the haunting side of man it brings to mind Ghandi who won freedom for India with who once as children talked and trumpled streets sadly there is no end in sight...regards

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Marilyn Lott 15 August 2012

The dark side of human nature described perfectly. Great job!

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Mark Normand 14 August 2012

Very deep subject that talks about the dark evil inside of man. Some grow jaded and have hearts as hard as stone who think nothing of harming the innocent. Good poem.

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