Elorm Dogbo

Rookie (3rd August / accra, ghana, west africa)

Elorm Dogbo Poems

1. Happiness And Its Pursuit 1/22/2008
2. Waitin For My Love 1/22/2008
3. Things I Do 1/22/2008
4. Someday, But When? 1/25/2008
5. Rose 1/30/2008
6. Apart From Him. 2/13/2008
7. Never Worry. 2/13/2008
8. Rhetorical Questions. 2/13/2008
9. Names 2/22/2008
10. Is This Sympathy? 2/22/2008
11. These Days Are Gone. 2/22/2008
12. Departure 2/22/2008
13. November 2/22/2008
14. Growing Up. 3/4/2008
15. Grateful With Any. 3/4/2008
16. A Poem For Suzzy And Any Other Departed African Celebrity. 3/4/2008
17. My Black Home. 3/4/2008
18. I Cry Trying. 3/4/2008
19. My Mother's Love 3/12/2008
20. To My Folks At Home 3/12/2008
21. I Have Come Too Far 6/11/2008
22. Within The Mind Of A Secret Admirer. 6/11/2008
23. Once A Youth 6/16/2008
24. From Me To Women. 6/16/2008
25. How True Is What They Say? 6/16/2008
26. An African Beauty Called Ewuraba. 6/16/2008
27. Lost After All These. 6/16/2008
28. Nothing I Am To Nature. 6/16/2008
29. All For You 2/13/2008
30. Time 2/13/2008
31. Childhood, The Sweetest Thing. 2/13/2008
32. It’s My Heart That Speaks; I’m Only A Mouthpiece. 7/16/2008
33. Love's Like 8/14/2008
34. Itgiwbaa: I Thank God I Was Born In This Generation 8/14/2008
35. Behind That Pretty Smile 8/14/2008
36. Worries Of The Born Again 8/14/2008
37. How Long Will It Take Me To Find Love? 12/11/2008
38. She Walks Alone 12/11/2008
39. Like They Did To Christ 5/3/2009
40. My Kind Of Love 5/3/2009

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Best Poem of Elorm Dogbo

In School

in school,
when i saw you
i intuited i have found
my lost world in you
i wish i could act
to be appreciated
by you in school.

in school,
it would be too sad
to narrate the ordeal
i have been through
i wonder if its best
i had met you
in the school.

in school,
though i had not said it
there has been so many ways
that i have shown it
my actions had done
whatever i wanted to say
at school.

in school,
i never thought
being in love
could ...

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The Plea

Assist me to resist
All evils that exist.
Drown me into contemplation
To take the paths chosen
By the olden prophets
When my eyelids are glued in prayers.
Living in thugs
Leaves me in drugs.

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