Elorm Dogbo

Rookie (3rd August / accra, ghana, west africa)

Elorm Dogbo Poems

1. Happiness And Its Pursuit 1/22/2008
2. Waitin For My Love 1/22/2008
3. Things I Do 1/22/2008
4. Someday, But When? 1/25/2008
5. Rose 1/30/2008
6. Apart From Him. 2/13/2008
7. Never Worry. 2/13/2008
8. Rhetorical Questions. 2/13/2008
9. Names 2/22/2008
10. Is This Sympathy? 2/22/2008
11. These Days Are Gone. 2/22/2008
12. Departure 2/22/2008
13. November 2/22/2008
14. Growing Up. 3/4/2008
15. Grateful With Any. 3/4/2008
16. A Poem For Suzzy And Any Other Departed African Celebrity. 3/4/2008
17. My Black Home. 3/4/2008
18. I Cry Trying. 3/4/2008
19. My Mother's Love 3/12/2008
20. To My Folks At Home 3/12/2008
21. I Have Come Too Far 6/11/2008
22. Within The Mind Of A Secret Admirer. 6/11/2008
23. Once A Youth 6/16/2008
24. From Me To Women. 6/16/2008
25. How True Is What They Say? 6/16/2008
26. An African Beauty Called Ewuraba. 6/16/2008
27. Lost After All These. 6/16/2008
28. Nothing I Am To Nature. 6/16/2008
29. All For You 2/13/2008
30. Time 2/13/2008
31. Childhood, The Sweetest Thing. 2/13/2008
32. It’s My Heart That Speaks; I’m Only A Mouthpiece. 7/16/2008
33. Love's Like 8/14/2008
34. Itgiwbaa: I Thank God I Was Born In This Generation 8/14/2008
35. Behind That Pretty Smile 8/14/2008
36. Worries Of The Born Again 8/14/2008
37. How Long Will It Take Me To Find Love? 12/11/2008
38. She Walks Alone 12/11/2008
39. Like They Did To Christ 5/3/2009
40. My Kind Of Love 5/3/2009

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Best Poem of Elorm Dogbo

In School

in school,
when i saw you
i intuited i have found
my lost world in you
i wish i could act
to be appreciated
by you in school.

in school,
it would be too sad
to narrate the ordeal
i have been through
i wonder if its best
i had met you
in the school.

in school,
though i had not said it
there has been so many ways
that i have shown it
my actions had done
whatever i wanted to say
at school.

in school,
i never thought
being in love
could ...

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When I came back home,
I saw a couple on the path
To the farm
And had children of a dozen
They moved in an Indian file
It reminded me of past things
That existed still

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