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through the mist
and all the confusion
i see him.
he's running towards me
calling my name.
through all my doubts
he runs to be with me
he catches my hand
and points to the moon
'i'll take you there' he promises.
he leans in
sweet kisses are layed upon me
as light as butterfly wings
he moves up my neck
my cheeks
my nose
and finally my lips.
light, delicate, passionate, needed.
like star crossed lovers
we've had our problems
we've jumped our hurdles
we've made it.
but now i'm waiting for the tragedy
the thing that will shatter us.
that tiny fear creeps into my head,
into my heart.
i push it away as he takes me by the hand
and leads me through the crowd.
my step falters
hazel eyes turn to stare at me
urging me forwards.
he pulls my hand
and i never look back.

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Elsa Brooks 27 December 2004

if only i knew how to delet comments

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dissatified exmember 28 January 2005

Elsa Honey NEVER be scared of what people say. It's good to hear it. It helps, even when you don't think it does. This IS a public site and your work IS good enough to read. You did say you were writing from experience and its your life you are telling us all about. Well when you share your life with people, you have to expect them to say stuff. Often things we don't like. Also remember if you are telling people about yourself you do have to watch how you say it. Just in case they get the wrong impression. Don't take it on, and continuee to be yourself. Just take advice from Poet Hound. He has some good advice to give.

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Rufina Moor 29 August 2005

I really enjoyed it. it's very nice and it flows well. light but deep at the same time :) Thanks. Nico

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Elsa Brooks 28 May 2005


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earyt etr 27 May 2005

Elsa, first off, wow.You are a poet. Most people who write poetry just find clever ways to rhyme words together, and slap a title on it.Others, true poets, write from the heart, and that is what I consider poetry. The rest? Well, thats what I call Glorified Commercial Slogans. Keep writing, you inspire us all.

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Iskandr Kreepor 25 May 2005

I love your work. I especially like your poem named Manufactured. I can relate to that one. Keep writing. Reading your work is something I look forward to. ^-^

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James Wright 10 February 2005

Hehe 'comes with maturity' I kill me.

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