Emelita C. Smith

Freshman - 701 Points [Loveywind]

Emelita C. Smith Poems

1. Way Back Into Love 3/27/2012
2. Silence 3/28/2012
3. Out Cast 3/28/2012
4. I Wonder 3/28/2012
5. Forever You And I 3/28/2012
6. My Love Will Always True 3/29/2012
7. Home 3/29/2012
8. A Letter For You 4/2/2012
9. You 4/2/2012
10. Try You May 4/2/2012
11. Your Kiss 4/2/2012
12. The Apple Of My Eyes 4/2/2012
13. Where Is The Love? 4/4/2012
14. Our Love 4/7/2012
15. The Road To Happiness 4/8/2012
16. Distance Is Not A Hindrance 4/10/2012
17. Proud To Be Yours 4/10/2012
18. A Wish For A Friend 4/10/2012
19. When I Met You 3/11/2012
20. When Was The Last Time I Felt So Special? 3/23/2012
21. Love Web 3/27/2012
22. Oh! 4/16/2012
23. Remembering Old Days 4/16/2012
24. You'Re Still The One 4/16/2012
25. Rhymes In My Heart 4/16/2012
26. A Piece Of Me 4/16/2012
27. 'It Is Still Nothing Else Matter' 6/5/2012
28. ' My Man' 11/30/2014
29. The Day We Said Goodbye 11/10/2012
30. Oh! Sweetheart 4/23/2015
31. Love 4/23/2015
32. Bed Of Roses 4/27/2015
33. The Gift 12/2/2015
34. Your Heart Beat And Mine 12/6/2015
35. Love Is 12/8/2015
36. My Love 12/10/2015
37. Silent Night 12/29/2015
38. I Dream Of Love Tonight 1/3/2016
39. Magic Through Your Eyes 2/17/2016
40. All Of Me 2/29/2016
Best Poem of Emelita C. Smith


There are times I look at the sky
and I wondered why the moon
shines only at night, where did it
go during the daylight?

There are times I look at the sun
and I wondered why it only smile
during the day, where did it
go at night?

There are times I feel the wind
touches my skin and I wondered
why, I cannot hold it in my arms
and keep it by my side?

There are times I closed my eyes
and I wondered why, I still can see
the image of life even in the dark
why can't I choose what to see?

There are times in my life I ...

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The Gift Of Love

I let my world revolves around you.
I was thinking we will stay the same;
But I was mistaken.
I forgot you have your own world to live.
In which I think I will never fit in.
Even in my dreams it makes me scream.
My world stops when you're not in it.
Everything seems so bleak and dark.
In the dark there was a tiny light

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