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and all alone
on this lonely planet
called Earth

Sitting on top
of the mountain

Staring at the view

You are my Valentine
I love you to pieces like a thousand or more pieces of a puzzle
I love you to death like dark chocolate
I love you to the moon and back

There are times
In my life
Where I am overwhelmed
And feel that not a single soul understands me

Step out into the world
And be bold

Take hold of adventures

I have a guardian angel

She watches out for me
during the day

Today is your birthday
A day to celebrate you
And think about you
My dear Grandpa

There was a tree
It was attracted to bees
When the bees left
It liked to drink tea

M is for Magnificent
O is for Optimistic
T is for Talented
H is for Happy

We stand in lines
All the time
Sometimes those lines
Are short

I'm just a girl
With fading dreams.

I'm just a girl

R is for Remembering those who have died before us fighting to save our country
E is for Educating ourselves about History
M is for Making a difference every day
E is for Encouraging those around you every day

I'm in despair
Just like a pear.

The inside of my stomach

At times
They are strange
And make no sense

Church is my temple
A place
I go to
Where I can be one with God

There's a fire in my belly,
Just like a bowl of jelly.

Its burning bright,

C is for Cunning Clowns
L is for Laughing Llamas
O is for Optimistic Octopus
W is for Wonderful Whales



There is nothing better
Then sitting by the fire

Christmas is a time
For decorating the Christmas tree
Christmas is a time
For baking delicious Christmas treats

I am sick and tired of your lies
I am sick and tired of arguments
I am sick and tired of your rudeness
I am disappearing from your life

Emily Krauss Biography

My name is Emily Krauss. I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia which is surrounded by the mountains and also the ocean. From an early age I can remember having an interest in creative writing. I enjoy dabbling in writing stories and poetry and have a dream of one day making it as an author. I also enjoy journaling and blogging. I have a goal to write down all of my memories so that when I am old and if I have dementia I will be able to look back and read all of the old journals that I wrote and none of my memories will disappear. I also enjoy being creative in art, music, sports and textiles. I enjoy acrylic painting, drawing and watercolor painting. I love the fife, flute, recorder and the ukulele. I love curling and field hockey. I have a passion for the martial arts. I love boxing, karate, and kickboxing. I enjoy crochet, knitting, quilting, sewing, and spool knitting. I like photography. I enjoy biking, hiking and swimming. I like baking and cooking.)

The Best Poem Of Emily Krauss

A Covid 19 Poem

and all alone
on this lonely planet
called Earth

Having to social distance
and isolate
from loved ones and friends
it's the hardest thing to do
during the Corona Outbreak

It's making my heart break
Into a million little pieces
Of broken shards
Of glass

and all alone
on this lonely planet
called Earth

At times I feel unnoticed
At times I feel like a statue
At times I don't know who I am
Or why I even exist

It's the hardest thing to do
On this planet we call Earth

and all alone
on this lonely planet
called Earth

it's a lonely
lonely planet
we live on
with COVID 19
all around us

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Sarah Costa 01 December 2020

Hello! You write beautifully! I published one of your poems called " Welcome December" on my instagram account, and I would like to give you the credits. Do you have any account, so I can tag you? Thank you!

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Emily Krauss Quotes

'Follow your Dreams, Follow your Desires, Follow your Heart'

'Don't live a life full of regrets for there is no point living in the past when you can only live in the present and focus on the future'

'Learn how to live life to the fullest'

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Emily Krauss Popularity

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