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My name is Emily Krauss. I was born and raised in beautiful British Columbia which is surrounded by the mountains and also the ocean. From an early age I can remember having an interest in creative writing. I enjoy dabbling in writing stories and poetry and have a dream of one day making it as an author. I also enjoy journaling and blogging. I have ...

Emily Krauss Poems

A Covid 19 Poem

and all alone
on this lonely planet
called Earth

A Birds Eye View

Sitting on top
of the mountain

Staring at the view

No One Understands

There are times
In my life
Where I am overwhelmed
And feel that not a single soul understands me

Step Outside You're Young

Step out into the world
And be bold

Take hold of adventures

My Guardian Angel

I have a guardian angel

She watches out for me
during the day

Emily Krauss Quotes

28 June 2021

'Follow your Dreams, Follow your Desires, Follow your Heart'

28 June 2021

'Don't live a life full of regrets for there is no point living in the past when you can only live in the present and focus on the future'

08 October 2021

'Learn how to live life to the fullest'

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Sarah Costa 01 December 2020

Hello! You write beautifully! I published one of your poems called " Welcome December" on my instagram account, and I would like to give you the credits. Do you have any account, so I can tag you? Thank you!

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