My Guardian Angel Poem by Emily Krauss

My Guardian Angel

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I have a guardian angel

She watches out for me
during the day
when I like to play

And at night she protects me
Just like a bumble bee

She keeps me safe
And is always near me observing me
No matter what I do
And no matter what time it is

I have a guardian angel
And with my angel by my side
I know I can do anything and everything

I have a guardian angel
And deep down in my heart
I know that you all have a guardian angel

So lets all cherish
Are guardian angels

Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: angel
Sylvia Frances Chan 01 June 2023

Greatest Treasure is this poem, so true Emily. Thank you for sharing. I can only vote one time. But I have given 5 Stars Full Vote

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Dr Antony Theodore 03 November 2020

She keeps me safe And is always near me observing me No matter what I do And no matter what time it is. i too believe in the presence of the Guardian Angels who is always there in my life to protect me. thank you very much. tony

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Sylvia Frances Chan 03 November 2020

Yes, dear Emily, we all have guardian angels, each of us, so true BUT we must open our soul, heart, ears and eyes that's the most important part then we will see them dancing and hear them singing while guiding us in our daily life.... 5 stars Full Vote!

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Shaun Cronick 02 November 2020

Amen to that. A beautiful and lovingly well written poem filled with hope at every turn. Thank you Emily for writing and sharing your poem and angelic hope too. And we all have to believe in something be it angelic or a virtue, or we would be lost. Thanks again and five stars. Take care and enjoy life.

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Richard Wlodarski 27 October 2020

They are there. All we need to do is open our minds and hearts to them. Emily, thank you for this breath of fresh air.

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Emily Krauss

Emily Krauss

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