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Big scary monsters,
the ones that get you at night,
they hide in cupboards and behind doors,
just to give you a fright!

Remembering everything, i never forget,
The tiniest detail,
The smallest word,
The happiest smile,


Your mother is one of the most important people in your life,
shes always there for you no matter what you do,
her arms are always open in times of trouble and strief.

From the moment i open my eyes 'till the moment i close them,
I have something on my mind
Its you,
No matter where i go or what i do

The burning up feeling,
The muffled screams i can hear in the distance,
they're coming from me,
I feel sick,

The burst of energy as the doors are openly flung,
The wind through his flapping wings echoing like a drum,
The feel of the cool sea breeze leaving its sting in the air,
now its time for him to decide where.


The lights have gone out,
all the doors are closed,
the petals have all fallen from the once radiant rose,
the early morning sun rises

As i watch you grow up
seeing the smiles in your eyes
watching the love growing inside of you
but still being there when you cry

Missing the person I was,
Wishing I could be her again,
Hoping I can just make it through,
Fighting all these tears and pain.

The divine right we seem to think we have
of calling someone mine,
is NOT something we have.
Nobody belongs to anybody,

Loving someone is hard work,
Always made easier when being loved back.

Hurt is something you never get over,

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Im a young mum with three great kids and one great husband, I write poems and stories for them to keep them amused, sometimes i let them tell me what to write which creates some wonderful and strange stories. I also use writing as a release for my emotions, all of them, anger, fear, love and saddness. I've been through quite alot in my short 26yr life, and writing gets me through the highs and lows of life. I hope you enjoy my poems. best wishes to all xx)

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Big Scary Monsters

Big scary monsters,
the ones that get you at night,
they hide in cupboards and behind doors,
just to give you a fright!

But have you ever wondered
what its like to be a monster
hiding in the dark,
and not coming into the light.

Now, if i took my monsters
out into the light
i wonder what they would do first,
go to the park or maybe fly a kite.

maybe they would play on the swings,
or maybe go on the slide,
you never know what they might do
they might even try and ride a bike!

i dont think id like to be a monster
and never come out in the light
i dont want to hide behind doors or
in cupboards
and give people a fright.

so next time you go to bed
cut the monsters some slack
let them come out and give you a fright,
after all,
they only get to come out at night.

For Jack xx

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Herbert Nehrlich1 11 December 2004

Emma, 'scary' is spelled scary not scarey. H

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