Big Scary Monsters Poem by emma anderson

Big Scary Monsters

Rating: 4.0

Big scary monsters,
the ones that get you at night,
they hide in cupboards and behind doors,
just to give you a fright!

But have you ever wondered
what its like to be a monster
hiding in the dark,
and not coming into the light.

Now, if i took my monsters
out into the light
i wonder what they would do first,
go to the park or maybe fly a kite.

maybe they would play on the swings,
or maybe go on the slide,
you never know what they might do
they might even try and ride a bike!

i dont think id like to be a monster
and never come out in the light
i dont want to hide behind doors or
in cupboards
and give people a fright.

so next time you go to bed
cut the monsters some slack
let them come out and give you a fright,
after all,
they only get to come out at night.

For Jack xx

dissatified exmember 10 January 2005

Do the Mash mash the monster mash Frighten jack in a flash do the mash mash Cool poem

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Kelly Allen Vinal 11 December 2004

Halloween at Christmas! Wonderful!

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Herbert Nehrlich1 11 December 2004

Great! But this monster thing right before my bedtime! Holding you responsible if they disturb my dreams. I enjoyed reading this and suggest that you sit at Jack's bedside (if that is not feasible, try neutral location) and, while holding his hand only, read it to him. He will melt, depending on his flashpoint. Keep writing. H

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Darren 19 April 2021

What a lovely poem Emma. I hope it made jack feel better.

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Dawn Fuzan 15 May 2014

Emma I enjoyed every line, keep it up

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Tanya Stanford 31 August 2008

This is brilliant and made me laugh. My sons have just turned four and I just have to read this poem to them. It made the 'monster' appear more scared then scary. Lovely composition.

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David Desantis 01 May 2008

hehehe true passion for the monsters. Nice I liked it, you are a caring soul huh ;)

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I loved it. Especially the way you made me consider the Monster perspective. Esra Sloblock

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