Crimson Tears Poem by Emo Seb

Crimson Tears

Rating: 3.5

I sit here in my corner as my tears fall down
My head is spinning with the blood in which I drown
My heart is stained by the crimson tears falling from my wrists
Which bare my pain in the form of slits
The form the story, the secret that lies hidden within
I’m waiting for happiness to begin
Patient for too long, no more shall I wait
To see my dark and dreary fate
So I take this knife and lift it in your name
I plunge it into my chest and end this horrid game

Jessee Bennett 06 December 2012

Verry nice. I agree with nichole webster. you see the world ow it realy is and not manny people can do that without someone telling them it.

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Aijaz Asif 19 September 2008

a very fine piece....dark i luv dark poems

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Annie Girl 18 September 2008

nice. great poem its sad but very understandable

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Nichole Webster 03 July 2008

lissen here greenwolf, Emo Seb has the BEST poems in the world next to Edgar Allen Poe! she has a vistion of the world that others wish they could see. she sees this world for wut it really is! I LOVE YOUR POEMS AND MIND EMO SEB! ! ! (Morning Glori) xoxoxoxoxoxo

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Greenwolfe 1962 01 July 2008

I dread reading these. They never vary in their sorrow and pain and tragedy. I want to just stop these things. There is never any reason for it. Yet the young are so vulnerable because their vision is limited by their age. They simply must be given things to occupy them. Beyond that, I have no answer. This piece does not stand out, but I recommend it because it does have value. GW62

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