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I might be
If I am will you hate me
If I’m not will you love me

Fire burns anything it touches.
Ice makes it cold as stone.
Fire longs to touch the heavens,
Ice as the same.

In the next world a day will come,
When a beautiful but unhappy being will come,
Her darkness will hide the loving sun.
Some will hide, but other will rejose,

Here in this old house.
The doors creak and the roof shacks.
The wind howls and the trees rustle.
But there is no one here just me, my self and I.

Am I emo or am I emily.
Emily is happy,
I am not.
Emily is loved,

Heaven and hell.
Two good words.
Heaven as loving as a mom.
Hell as dark as the midnight sky.


LOVE is it nothing but a word
No it can’t be but what is it
Is it the feeling of a knife in your arm
Is it the feeling of some one eels lips on yours

As death meets you.
You can hear a flys wings buzz.
Your body goes cold as ice.
Your dressed up and put in a long black car.

In a kingdom far away stands the lonely house of night.
Behind the stone wall that circle this house.
Is my once human twin.
It kills me inside to be so far a part.

The days get longer with out you here with me.
The birds have stopped singing.
The sun shines no more
If this goes on as it is I think the is going to fall on me and breaks my little heart.

My king, My king.
You are my one and only master.
If your wish is for me to die.
Then from a tree I will hang.

If the world as we know it was going to ends today.
Would you let it.
I ask you what would you do.
If balls of fire fell from the heavens.

There is a girl. I love to death.
I love to see her smile.
It is the only thing that keeps me from taking this knife
and ending my life.

Fire and Ice two hafs of a hole.
Friends till death do us part.
Fire to hell and Ice to the twilight zone.
We many not be good.

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i`m emo i am just putting down what runs taught my head)

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I might be
If I am will you hate me
If I’m not will you love me
Do you want me to be different or
Should I be just like every one eels
Just like Every one eels I will not be
Love me or hate me but I am different
That is what makes me who I am

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