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Heaven And Hell

Rating: 5.0

Heaven and hell.
Two good words.
Heaven as loving as a mom.
Hell as dark as the midnight sky.
But even thew they have different meaning.
They are alot the same.
Well they could be.
You don`t know and I don`t know.
So the meaning of heaven and hell is like me saying,
a cow can jump over the moon.

Kesav Easwaran 05 May 2009

Let Mom remain mother cow and let the moon remain atop...you have a flair with your words i believe...keep posting your writes Emoly

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I suggest you not ty to define heaven and hell Much of both is already on forsaken Earth Since you're quite young, inspire to write of real feelings for Love and Happiness, Do stop and smell the roses and do some good deeds. Request less of other poets and write for your own self. Sort of like a diary. Keep it a secret and your will someday, be very happy to share it with everyone. Your life is one of a kind. Love and live it. Hope my comment helps. ...louie

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