Emranor Reja

Freshman - 630 Points [emranorreja@gmail.com] (01 07 1990 / Bazarchartall)

Emranor Reja Poems

1. Only For The So 10/28/2013
2. Tenable To Sense 10/28/2013
3. The Bird Within Tear 10/28/2013
4. Sin The Very Word 10/28/2013
5. Dream Chemisty Even The Dream World 10/28/2013
6. The Notion Of My Motion 10/28/2013
7. Belief 10/30/2013
8. Life Apart 10/30/2013
9. Sole So 10/30/2013
10. Eternal Prayer 10/30/2013
11. Zero Zone 10/30/2013
12. Open Close 10/30/2013
13. Very Appeal 10/31/2013
14. Onto Love 10/31/2013
15. Light Tone 10/31/2013
16. পুঁথি গান 11/17/2013
17. সংসকৃতি পীরবাবা আমরা তার শিস্য 11/17/2013
18. ্যেন 11/17/2013
19. আলো 11/17/2013
20. লেখক তুমি পাগল কেন 11/17/2013
21. ঘুমহীন 11/17/2013
22. মহাকালে আমি 11/17/2013
23. স সা স 11/17/2013
24. Hurley-Burly 11/19/2013
25. তারাচান 11/22/2013
26. বিশেষণ তুমি পালিয়ে বাঁচো 11/22/2013
27. Hartal Konna 11/25/2013
28. Tear She 12/1/2013
29. জল 11/17/2013
30. Feelings Factor 2/17/2014
31. Art Drama 4/8/2014
32. Alone Morn 4/7/2014
33. Life Epic 6/22/2014
34. Night 7/11/2014
35. My Baby 7/12/2014
36. Lonely Sole 8/17/2014
37. Exam 8/25/2014
38. Reincarnation 9/5/2014
39. World And Leader 11/6/2014
40. Allure 11/17/2014

Comments about Emranor Reja

  • Md Sharif Hossain (10/29/2013 12:46:00 AM)

    excellent! but very much complex to have the real meaning. his writings are not for general reader. to enjoy his poetry need pre-preparation to understand poetry. but they carry significance. welcome him to the new world of writing.

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Best Poem of Emranor Reja

Famous Mistake

Heard that man lives on hope. Found that hope is the bridge of man onto the walk of time. Time is a country where everything born not to ready to die. System of generating one after one, before after last. The word dally in dictionary wholly embarrassing for the time. Obituary is totally unknown to the time but time is habituated with addendum method.

We are man, animal and the universe one term witness of time. We are living on a power that comes from the time. The different value of the universe refers to vacant variance of time. So the meaning we are born the meaning of time ...

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The Notion Of My Motion

I was within a tableland. The name of my tableland is silence. Now I can walk, am able to utter. But I can’t stare at the tabor of my silence.
The earth also cites me that he was also silent. And we were hers. I am puzzled and so on….
Now I am the father of time being. An arena has been created for playing. But when, the field is acceded. I have been the player in confidence. Who says me a player? To be a player a ground is needed. Mind is the ever ground for that. He always sends a message to

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