Nevertheless Or Homework Poem by Emranor Reja

Nevertheless Or Homework

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Sound so sweet
Night so sweet
Daylight so sweet
Moonlight so sweet
Riverside so sweet
Stream so sweet
Mountain so sweet


I am very asleep beyond your presence

Think you are now in a cave
Think you are now in case in your thought in your anger in your Bolshevik footprint

You have done a lot of mistakes over me
You just tell me I seize your stole and shoe
You have cut my body and mind
But I am told that I have touched your breast in a wrong way

You are a king
Every good for you
Of course
You are a king of wish
Every wrong is right for you

Curse me
I feel better
Your curse is not more cruel than that you had done over me starting to still

Night has come and gone
Sun has come and disappointed
Flower has bloomed and fade out

Nothing is still
Nothing will be alive


You are more alive than the man's cave art

Nothing will be alive
Nothing is still

I can't
No one can kiss one's beloved by the measurement of the estimate doctrine

True love is out of fashion but inner in heart
True touch is out of doctrine but up to the mind chart

Stop your bloody thought process
Otherwise you will be alive more than the practical devil 😈

I am asleep 😴 beyond your presence

Not a problem
Nothing will harm you

Good wish for you as it your course curse
Good wish for you as the pain of your menstruation before the night you are ready to sleep early

Ready to sleep early
Ready to sleep early
Sleep will not be ready for you
Sleep will not ready for you in night and in day

The night and day only to realize
Only to sorry
You will be sorry must I know
Must I know

Your sorry will provide a green life with you
A green life where you are free enough
Where you are free much than your Wazir doctrine

Your ample bosom really I miss
Really I miss your chuckle
Your oration your silence your staring reallymakes me anceint hunter

You along with me
I along with you on sitting on the bank of the peace pray we will for the better world that has never seen that has never described that has never holyfied

Nevertheless Or Homework
Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Bernard F. Asuncion 30 May 2020

A well inked incredible write. Simply terrific....10++

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Mahtab Bangalee 30 May 2020

True love is out of fashion but inner in heart True touch out of doctrine but up to the mind really great poetic expression the whole poem is from the fabulous feelings...great 10++++

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