Lovely Enchantress Poems

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Kiss The Flame

I walked between two flames a ritual performed.
I walk between worlds, the veil of mystery.
I've become enlightened, seeking truth.
Kiss the flame.


I shall live as a ghost
If you ever feel alone, call out to me
Light a candle in my name if you wish
Speak into it's flame and invoke me if you dare


Where do our minds wonder off to as we sleep?
The places and scenes it creates.
One dream we are in my childhood home.
Looking out those four large windows as the sunlight so bright shines over us.

If You Only Knew

If you only knew the depth of my feelings for you
Back then so many words left unsaid
You kissed a mystical being
A dark spell we were both under

Invisible Thread

Is there an invisible thread that binds us?
Only in my dreams we live
Is love immortal?
I wish I could've fit into your heart shaped box

My Temple

There's a temple I built in my mind made of stone
On a serene island with black sands
This place holds deep secrets
This is where the magick lives

In The Stars

Somewhere in the stars we are gently kept
This cosmic thread holds us, maybe?
I truly want to believe
A place deep in my heart, I hold you that no one knows


Hey stranger, meu fogo
Pride and trust battered us.
Silence is what broke us.
We must flow like water.

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