Ghost Poem by Lovely Enchantress


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I shall live as a ghost
If you ever feel alone, call out to me
Light a candle in my name if you wish
Speak into it's flame and invoke me if you dare
If the flame flickers and rises, it is me you summoned
You called my spirit in and you shall feel my presence
I shall live as a ghost
I will chase off your demons
If you hear a light tapping sound, it is me trying to get your attention
If you hear the sound of a tiny bell, it is me sending you blessings
When you fall asleep, I will live sweetly in your dreams
My presence is with you always
If you hear light footsteps and no one is around, it is me coming to you
I shall live as a ghost
If you feel a gentle tickle upon your face, it is me caressing you
If you feel a soft breeze brush by you, it is me wishing you great joy
If you hear a howling wind, it is me missing you
If you see a shadow near you, it is me watching over you
If you feel a gentle warmth upon your chest, it is me healing you
If you smell something sweet without a source, it is me thinking of you
I shall live as a ghost
If you ever see tiny specks or flashes of lights in the dark, it is me showing the beauty of my love that surrounds you
If you ever hear someone call out your name and no one spoke, it is me acknowledging you
If you look in a mirror and you ever find my face somewhere in it, it is me reminding you that magic exists
My presence is always with you my dearest
You shall live with my ghost

Friday, April 26, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: lost love,bittersweet love,ghost,sad love
Jayne Louise Davies 01 May 2024

Wonderful write : ) Thanks for sharing x

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Thank you🙂

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Sun Rise 29 April 2024

Amazingly written how you describe the loneliness and the emptiness into someone's love life but turns around into someone's presence by soft appearances. Keep up the good work!

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Lovely Enchantress 30 April 2024

Thank you, your comment made my day.🙂 I wish many blessings❤

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