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Enyinwa Okechukwu Enyinwa is from Amake Alayi in Abia state.I have published a novel, the beauty and the natural things around me inspire me to write poems. Through poem i believe we can change our world. I start writing poem the first day I came across Tupac's Rose That Grow From Concrete. Tupac is my favorite poet..

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Nomasomi Bukani 13 October 2010

this poem show the feelings of a broken hart

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My Childhood

Before i had my innocence thrown
Between the laps of women '

Before i knew that a red rose can
Win a lady's heart.

Back when my heart has no
Wings yet it flys.

What is more cherishable than the
Smiles on my mother's lips when
She feeds me?

Then life was a smile of dove,
Running through the streets
Barefooted had the seeming of honey'

Voices of my peers at the playground
Was uplifting '

Dancing under the rain was always more
Inspiring than the voice of my teachers.

I was an ordinary African child finding
My ways through it soil..

I had a childhood i wish i could
Taste again..

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05 December 2014

My mother's tears is my soul so I won't let one drop.

23 October 2015

Insults does not sell idea..

30 January 2016

Illiteracy and foolishness is when you call my dear country Nigeria a zoo but your birth certificate have Nigeria written all over it. I guess that makes you a monkey in this same zoo.

06 May 2016

Don't ever cry in the presence of a parrot, if not the entire town will know the sound of your cry..

09 May 2016

Some people are already to support a dog as far as the dog is barking against President Buhari..

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