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Before i had my innocence thrown
Between the laps of women '

Before i knew that a red rose can


Let our misfortune be a 

Back in my hands even rain
could not stop us. Our heart
beat in reunion, think about
us then the fidelity of love

The beauty of the sky lays within the
wings of the birds and the stars, sun
and moon.

we are going back to our
root to start from where
our ancestor stopped. We
have come to make the

Can you stare at the sun
when it is at it's peak?

can you swin the atlantic
ocean from it Africa shore

My life is floating on the ocean
of death, heading towards
internal peace with great pace,
'Please call me not, let peace

Back when love worth a fountain
Of gold and kisses have the Taste
Of love '

Here he comes with his muscular
body, in his hands lay the symbol
of Africa the symbol that have sent
many great warriors six feet beneath.

Tonight is just another
lonely night when one
feel and touch doubts
but i must scramble my

You are black still your feet
know not Africa soil,

you are black still your


Black skins immaculate souls
we are Africans, the pride
of the creator.

I have heard about a song
title Christabella, the
melody is a light in the
world of the blind, her

The gods falls victim to
you smiles, with you i
will build a world full of
love. You name is glue

</>I wish we understand the voices
of the birds as they give their
views on the dazzling look of the
earth from the sky maybe we know

What can a lonely heart say
about love? what can a lonely
heart say about the beauty
things the day brings? what

Whenever your thought
fills my head it tickle my
heart, just as the soil feels
when it rains. Distance is

My heart, my pain, then you!
You should have listen to my
heart when it beats, now my
tears have the throne of love


Sometime i see death coming
toward me, i have been on my
heel all my life.Now i can see
it catching up with me.The only


The light became dark for night is here
again and i wonder how will it be in
heaven if there is one, will there be day
and night? will God judge us by our skin

Enyinwa Okechukwu Enyinwa Biography

Enyinwa Okechukwu Enyinwa is from Amake Alayi in Abia state.I have published a novel, the beauty and the natural things around me inspire me to write poems. Through poem i believe we can change our world. I start writing poem the first day I came across Tupac's Rose That Grow From Concrete. Tupac is my favorite poet..)

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My Childhood

Before i had my innocence thrown
Between the laps of women '

Before i knew that a red rose can
Win a lady's heart.

Back when my heart has no
Wings yet it flys.

What is more cherishable than the
Smiles on my mother's lips when
She feeds me?

Then life was a smile of dove,
Running through the streets
Barefooted had the seeming of honey'

Voices of my peers at the playground
Was uplifting '

Dancing under the rain was always more
Inspiring than the voice of my teachers.

I was an ordinary African child finding
My ways through it soil..

I had a childhood i wish i could
Taste again..

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Nomasomi Bukani 13 October 2010

this poem show the feelings of a broken hart

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My mother's tears is my soul so I won't let one drop.

Insults does not sell idea..

Illiteracy and foolishness is when you call my dear country Nigeria a zoo but your birth certificate have Nigeria written all over it. I guess that makes you a monkey in this same zoo.

Don't ever cry in the presence of a parrot, if not the entire town will know the sound of your cry..

Some people are already to support a dog as far as the dog is barking against President Buhari..

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