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We are bound to an infinity
Naive to the
Straightness of the other,

The blue lagoon resting

Against the curved tip of your eyes

I long-
To see a sunnier day,
Than what you forced me to face.

Don’t you dare forget
To say how much you love me
On our most silent days,
On our most simple nights,

You say much-
About how you love tomorrows.
You say-
They are much like you,

We rise above the silver line
Hymning our sparkling tune

Peaking amidst the cloudy night

I feel the need

To grow out my stems

Do I smell good?
Do I look better now?
How about my shirt?
Look at my hair!

I feel the softest finger end
Caress my every lip
Drifting wildly until I bend
To bite its very tip


I am fond of looking up, every so often

To search for a trace

Goodbye is difficult.

It is bitter.

This is much real,

Than the poetry I write,

I am no better-

Than an impatient

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My one true passion is writing poems- love poems. Though my writings are not always perfect, one thing is for certain, they are always from the most honest place in me. I am possesed now by the spirits to share them, in the hope that I improve one way or another. So please just read on and feel free to comment... :))

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Parallel Lines

We are bound to an infinity
Naive to the
Straightness of the other,
Drawn as one,
We seem.

And aligned perfectly,
Shaded by a single path
Upon a purposeful paper.

But, if the pencil scribbles another mark-
We might find the honesty in

The half inch space of emptiness
In between us.

Finally, wake up to the reality-
That we are now,
Two parallel lines-
To complement
And never more
Curve and intersect

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Eric Roxas Popularity

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