The Date Poem by Eric Roxas

The Date

Do I smell good?
Do I look better now?
How about my shirt?
Look at my hair!
Just the way you like it, ey?
I brought my biggest smile
And bought the prettiest pink roses
I can find.
Like the ones I bought you before.
All these-
Just to impress you.
Just to let you know,
I am doing much better now.
And, I am ready to start all over.
I must admit…
I'm all sweaty because
I'm quite nervous.
Like, there are giant butterflies
Flying inside my stomach.
Forgive me for that!
I know!
It took me quite some time,
To muster the courage and
See you again.
How long has it been anyway?
Hmmm… Yeah…
About a year and a half now, right?
You know what?
I was deeply hurt, when you left me.
Because it was so sudden.
You made me so angry.
And, I really had a hard time accepting it.
And, I had to heal all the wounds first.
And, I know you understand me.
You have always been that way...
Nothing less than understanding
And forgiving.
That’s why I loved you.
And, I always will.
Let me tell you this...
I really missed you...
I missed you so much!
Every single thing
That you do-
I am missing deeply!
Your smile.
Your laugh.
Your embrace.
Your stories.
Our story.
I miss them all.
I know you’re missing me too.
Because I dreamt about you last week.
For real.
And there, you told me you want to see me.
That’s why I decided to come.
I can’t believe! I am finally here!
Talking to you!
There’s so much I
Want to tell you.
I have a new love.
I have a new house.
I have a new job.
I have everything,
Except you...
I’ll just tell you all about it when I come back,
Tomorrow, most probably...
Because, now, I’m already late for work.
So I really need to go.
Don’t worry!
I’ll spend more time with you… I promise!
I’ll just leave the flowers by your headstone.
I love you Grandma!

Prince Obed de la Cruz 03 January 2010

i think this one is well narrated!

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